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Let’s Learn More About Modern Stomach Liposuction

The stomach region can easily harbour fat and the accumulated fat deposits tend to become burdensome in the long run. Currently, stomach liposuction is among the many cosmetic procedures performed in India and falls in the first place with hair transplantation just after it. People who aren’t unsatisfied with their natural tummy appearance can turn […]

Liposuction When It Comes To Type 2 Diabetic Patients

Diabetes is one of the commonest medical conditions worldwide. According to studies, millions worldwide will develop diabetes over the course of their lifetime. With the fact that liposuction is increasingly being conducted in cosmetic surgery clinics, this has brought us to a question- how safe the procedure is for diabetic patients. Your Body & a […]

5 Latest Body Contouring Techniques For a Fabulous Body Shape!

Body contouring technologies continue to gain popularity year after year, basically because of technological advancement. In the modern era, thousands attain different forms of body contouring techniques in order to achieve the desired body type, shape, and size. Currently, all body contouring techniques have changed drastically and offer desirable outcomes. These basically fall under non-invasive […]

Get to know Gynecomastia Better

It is a medical condition in which males develop an enlarged breast. It is commonly due to hormonal imbalance in the body. This condition may occur during infancy,puberty or in middle ages. It is attributed mainly to hormonal imbalance,but drug abuse,over medication,aging might also turn out to be the culprits. Hormonal imbalance implies an excess […]

What Happens to My Chest after a Gynecomastia Surgery?

For men who anxiously hoping for a better life after a gynecomastia surgery, questions as to what happens to the chest after the surgery can’t be contained. Well, it is normal and natural to wonder about the body’s performance, shape, and endurance after any surgery. The good news is that contemporary gynecomastia surgeries or male […]

Laser Liposuction Vs. Traditional Liposuction: What should be my choice?

Liposuction is one of the leading cosmetic and plastic surgery performed worldwide. Technology evolution has seen various liposuction approaches emerge in the cosmetology field providing greater efficacy. The several forms of liposuction are a better means to eliminate stubborn fat deposits from the body for a sculpted body. Before any form of Liposuction Surgery in […]

Minoxidil for Hair Loss Treatment. Here is what you must know

Minoxidil is an FDA approved drug, being used to treat hair loss in both men and women caused by different factors. Initially, Minoxidil was mostly used to treat women hair loss and it is popularly referred to as Rogaine. In the earlier years, researchers were captivated in different forms of research with a major aim […]