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Acne is generally known to be a worldwide skin disorder and approximately 80% of individuals are believed to suffer from acne outbreaks at least once or twice in their lifetime. Although it isn’t a deadly skin condition, scarring is a major aesthetic issue associated with social and psychological effects. In addition, acne cases differ in individuals, and it may range from mild to severe.

What Are Acne Breakouts?

Acne is an obvious skin condition characterized by red bumps on the face, back, arms chest and so on. One develops acne when his or her pores become clogged by dead skin cells which facilitate sebum accumulation. Sebum is an oily substance naturally produced by the oil gland in moderate amounts to nourish the skin, but in case the skin pores are clogged, it results in acne breakouts.

Bacteria is another factor that contributes to pore blockages and inflammation of the skin. As a result, you will witness red spots that swell and release pus.

Types of Acne

Understanding the type of acne is crucial for developing an effective acne treatment method. Generally, acne types are categorized as Inflammatory acne and Non-Inflammatory acne. Whiteheads and Blackheads are generally defined as non-inflammatory lesions, whereas papule and pustule are termed as Inflammatory acne. How to understand the type of acne you are suffering from;

  • Blackheads- These result from an accumulation of sebum and dead skin cells and are black in color.
  • Whiteheads- These develop when the skin pores get clogged with sebum and dead skin cells, but the top of the pore remains closed. They are difficult to treat and can easily result in scarring.
  • Nodules- These are located deep within the skin and are characterized with clogged and swollen pores.
  • Papules- Papules develop when the surrounding walls of the pore breakdown due to an inflammation. They are normally pink in color.
  • Pustules- Quite similar with Papules, but pustules are filled with pus and appear like red bumps.
  • Cysts- These develop when the pores are clogged and when are infested with bacteria, dead skin cells, and sebum (oil). They tend to be red and white in color and are painful when touched.

Acne Treatment & Acne Scar Removal in India

Severe acne breakouts are hardly treated with simple treatments, since their exact cause may remain a myth. This also intensifies the scarring extent, meaning that an individual must attain an effective acne scar treatment in Ludhiana to restore the skin’s authentic appearance. The following are effective modes of acne scar treatment for absolute beauty;

  • Chemical Peels

Using chemical peels to treat various skin conditions has been going on for decades and currently, there are several effective chemical peel types to alter one’s facial appearance as desired. This aesthetic treatment requires a solution to be applied to the face and a process known as exfoliation will take place. Peels are generally characterized as superficial, medium, and deep chemical peels. Further categories include;

  • Glycolic Acid Peels
  • TCA Peels (Trichloroacetic Acid)
  • Phenolic Peels

Considerations While Using Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are specialized chemical solutions with their own side effects and that is why strong chemical peels are only applied by a cosmetic surgeon or a dermatologist. The levels of scarring, blemishes, ageing effects, and irregularities normally influence the type of chemical peel used.

You may experience sensitivity, redness, among other side effects, but the treatment is generally superior in restoring the desired appearance.

  • Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing

This is an advanced acne scar treatment approach conducted in modern cosmetic centres. The approach uses carbon dioxide laser technology that results in a smoother skin. With this technique, a fraction of the skin is treated at intervals and the adjacent skin tissue is left to heal. Furthermore, microscopic holes are poked within the dermis layer of the skin to promote collagen generation to reduce scarring. This treatment approach is ideal for eliminating depressions, wrinkles, acne scars, creases, and fine lines in the face.

  • Microneedling

This treatment approach utilizes ultra-thin and high scale medical needles to create microscopic punctures in the skin. The treatment approach facilitates collagen production while repairing the surrounding skin. This treatment approach tightens the skin and smoothes the scars which disappear with time.

  • Therapy (Treatment combinations)

This approach involves two or more treatment techniques; normally lotions, spironolactone (contraceptive pills), and other topical treatments.

Acne Scar Treatment Cost in India

Acne scar treatments are generally specialized treatments conducted as per one’s skin type, acne severity, and one’s affordability. Since there are a number of treatment approaches, your acne scar treatment cost in Punjab will basically depend on;

  • The cosmetic centre selected
  • The type of treatment approach selected
  • The number of treatment sessions required

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