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Beard Hair Transplantation At Profile Cosmetic Surgery Centre

Growing facial hair is a trend today, but what happens when it starts to fall out? Hair transplant is the answer!. Beard hair transplantation falls under the category of facial hair transplantation. Facial hair transplant procedures involve; moustache restoration, sideburns, eyebrows, beards, and eyelashes.

With the fact that one’s appearance highly matters today, having a beard hair transplant can offer numerous benefits, especially to those battling with Androgenetic Alopecia.

The hair restoration technique is aesthetically performed at Profile Cosmetic surgery and hair transplant centre using specialized hair surgical tools from abroad. The hair specialist designs the hairline, and the crown region to match a patient’s requirements and expectations.

Beard Hair Transplantation As a Cosmetic Surgery

A beard hair transplant is a procedure where hair is restored on the chin and on the sides of your cheeks. A beard hair transplant in Punjab, Ludhiana can be performed for correction purposes, restoration purposes, or in case a person has never grown a beard before.

The procedure technically requires a surgeon to transfer hair follicles from the scalp or the rest of the body to the tiny incisions made in the beard region. Unlike scalp hair transplants, beard hair transplants (facial hair transplants) are technical and require extra artistic skills.

Under What Circumstance Is A Beard Hair Transplant Applicable?

Men who fall under any of these categories can count on a beard transplant for sophisticated looks;

  • Those with traction alopecia of the beard
  • Those who have lost their hair due to trauma, medical reasons, or surgery
  • Men with scars due to folliculitis
  • Those who want a fuller beard “lifestyle”
  • Those who want any improvements

General Concerns Before a Beard Hair Transplant in India

A beard hair transplant is an intricate procedure and requires a surgeon to design the beard after numerous considerations;

The Anatomy of the Beard

Although it is highly a surgeon’s task, a patient is also required to understand the true nature of his beard. The beard is generally divided into sections known as the lateral and the frontal regions. The lateral part consists of the cheeks, the sideburns, and the jawline. On the other hand, the frontal part consists of the goatee, the moustache, and the surrounding regions.

The surgeon will evaluate your appearance, estimate the required number of follicular units, and then come up with possible designs. The best is followed during the actual procedure.

Reasons for a Beard Hair Transplant

Certain medical conditions aren’t a guarantee that the transplanted hair won’t fall out. This is most especially in cancer patients or trichotillomania sufferers. A patient should also have realistic expectations

Why Choose Profile Cosmetic Surgery Centre for Your Beard Hair Transplant?

Profile is an advanced cosmetic centre led by an experienced surgeon- Dr. Vikas Gupta. He is widely known for his expertise in the surgical sphere and in case you require a beard hair transplant in India, meet him for a consultation. Note:

  • Expect nothing, but realistic results
  • A fabulous appearance after the surgery
  • No bleeding, scarring, and complications
  • An aesthetically designed beard

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