Bio Fue Hair Transplant

Bio- Follicular Unit Extraction in India

After the innovation of the modern hair transplant techniques, more techniques are coming up to make the developed techniques more productive or in other words high yielding. Bio- FUE is one of the modern techniques developed to produce healthier, stronger and quality hair in both males and females.

Hair loss that culminates into baldness not only erodes one’s beauty and youthfulness, but it also drastically destructs one’s hairline leading to an older appearance and a low density or no hair at all.

The Bio- FUE hair transplant procedure is aesthetically performed at Profile cosmetic surgery center using world-class tools and protocols to deliver the best results in a patient.

What is BIO-FUE hair transplant?

The procedure of BIO- FUE begins with the conduction of the normal follicular unit extraction procedure, where hair follicles are individually extracted from one region of the scalp or the body (donor) and then individually implanted in the tiny incisions made in the recipient region of the scalp.

The BIO phase comes next where a serum made from one’s blood is directly injected into the recipient region to boost hair growth and bring about healthier, stronger and pleasant hair.

The procedure is completely technical and requires high expertise from the technicians, surgeons, and nurses while the patient is undergoing the BIO-FUE hair transplant in Ludhiana.

Who is the ideal Candidate?

In the real sense, BIO- FUE is ideal for both men and women with different types of hair loss, such as androgenetic hair loss (male or female pattern hair loss), alopecia areata, anagen effluvium, and telogen effluvium.

Any hair loss patient ought to talk to an experienced surgeon for an evaluation before the procedure.

The Concept of BIO-FUE technique

Human blood consists of many components and platelets are among them. The platelets aid in blood clotting, which fastens the healing process of the wound in case of an injury. The regenerative cells in the blood are able to restore any damaged or injured organs in the body.

Formerly used in the arthritis sphere, the same concept was brought to hair restoration field as it is producing remarkable results.

The Cost of BIO- FUE

As compared to other hair restoration techniques and procedures, the BIO-FUE Hair Transplant Cost in Punjab is extremely expensive for many patients, but totally cost effective.

Our advanced beauty cosmetic centre provides comparatively an affordable Bio-FUE cost in India.

Advantages of Bio-FUE

  • Stimulates the stem cells of the implanted hair follicles
  • Boosts hair growth
  • Produces stronger and healthier hair
  • Fastens the recovery period of the donor and recipient regions
  • Require no maintenance

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