25-year-old Male Postgraduate Student Lost Weight With Liposuction After Stress Eating Too Much


25-year-old Male Postgraduate Student Lost Weight With Liposuction After Stress Eating Too Much

Liposuction procedure is a surgical method used for removing the fat from a various part of the body. This procedure has been proved very effective and reliable for body contouring. In this guide, we are going to share a case study of a patient who gets benefited from this surgery.

Liposuction is a useful technique to get rid of unwanted fat from different parts of the body. The liposuction surgery has been proved very effective for the patients with the ideal weight. Here we are going to share the case study of a 25-year-old male underwent this procedure from our surgeon.

Case Study

A few months back a 25-year old male postgraduate student who gained around 11Kg in the last couple of years while completing his master’s degree. He was stress eating too much and due to his stressful regime, he was not able to focus on his diet and exercise.

Before he decided to visit the doctor, he started following a healthy lifestyle which includes diet and exercise and with this, he lost around 3kg weight. But there are certain areas which are not able to move the fat properly in that area.

Proper Consultation

When he visited, the first consultation was about the procedure, his motivation, and his expectations regarding surgery. It also included proper medical history and examination.

Additionally, we also discussed the benefits and risks of the treatment.

Determining the possible areas for treatment

After 2 weeks, he came again to go through the consent process. Later we looked at the areas of concern on which it was possible to do the treatment. The possible areas which needed correction were upper & lower abdomen along with flanks.

On the day of surgery

When the surgery was performed the patient was given local anesthesia. Before the procedure, if he had any doubts or questions I cleared them personally.

All the treated areas were marked to perform the surgery. Before the surgery, we also determine if there is any scarring or asymmetry. For 15 minutes routine observations are taken to make sure patient health is stable.

Once the effect of anesthesia starts working, an incision is made which is around 0.8mm. To achieve the infiltration the tumescent solution is injected into the fatty tissues.

VASER is applied for around one minute which is around 100ml of infiltration. The fatty tissues get into a small pocket of fat and it is suctioned with VentX cannula. Once the fat is taken the surgical compression garment is applied.

After that, the patient was sent to the recovery room for further observation. He was given medications and antibiotics.

Following a few days of recovery, he started feeling better and once he saw the results he was very pleased and highly motivated.

Bottom Line

In case you are facing such an issue then make sure to talk with the surgeon for an effective treatment plan.

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