Acne Scars Treatment Frequently Asked Questions


Acne Scars Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone has acne on their face at some point in their lives, at least once. Acne is a very common skin disorder. It affects many people all over the world. In the earlier days it was thought that having too many sweets caused acne, but now doctors know much more about acne and how to treat them.

Does food have any connection with acne?

No, the main cause of acne is a disturbance in hormones. Hormones encourage the oil glands to make more sebum. After that bacteria grow in the pores, which causes them to get swollen and then they break out.

It happens when there are major hormonal changes happening in the body, like menstrual cycles, during adolescence. Food does not make much difference in acne to develop. You can have all the french fries and Potato chips which your mother forbids you from eating.

Should I stay away from using makeup?

There is no need for you to stop doing makeup, just because you have acne. You can try to change your brands. Hair creams or gels may be responsible for the break out on temples. Buy stuff which does not clog pores.

I clean my face very nicely, then does acne come up?

Many times rubbing the face very tightly also leads to acne, if you use astringents having alcohol, then your skin can dry out. Acne is mostly caused due to hormones and gently cleaning with soap and water can help the acne to break out. But, more acne needs much more than being hygienic.

Why is acne seen in teenagers more than others?

The main reason for acne is a disturbance in hormones, more specifically the male hormone testosterone. During the teenage years, the hormones start increasing and with that does the acne also increase.

Why are adults prone to having acne?

Women experience hormonal swings while they are in their menstrual cycle, pregnancy and menopause also result in acne breakouts. Acne can also result due to having steroid drugs.

What are the treatments which work best?

The acne scar treatment work in many factors: Your age, the severity of acne, for how long have you been having it.

For mild acne, there are many creams or gels which are available. For severe acne, your dermatologist might suggest you have an oral antibiotic.

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