Adnan Sami’s interesting journey of weight loss.


Adnan Sami’s interesting journey of weight loss.


How have my lovely people been all this time? Hope all are fine and taking good care of you. Today, I wish to write a little on the famous, singer, music composer, and much more, none other than Adnan Sami, anyone who has heard his songs, or his compositions earlier are his biggest fans, who can ever not remember his all-time favourite numbers. Bheega Mausam, Bheegi- Bheegi Raaton Mein, Lift Karadey (with Govinda or Chi- Chi, as he is better known as), another of his famous number Kabhi Nahin, with the one and only The Amitabh Bachchan, being some of his super- duper hit numbers, which people can’t seem to forget, what did I hear? You want to know more about him, well! Yes! That’s what I am her for exactly! To tell you guys about the things which I know, a little about. But, no, today it’s not about his films or songs I have come here to talk about, rather about his health, yes! How many of you know that at one point of time, Adnan we all know now, the health freak Adnan was not like this earlier, well, he was ‘quite healthy’, so as to say. But, now he is a changed man, completely (not that I know him in person), but since I am talking about his health, so the phrase is for that only. So, now, before you guys get bugged up and stop it and also before my naughty babies get up and have to stop typing, let’s just get to the facts about his health.

The interesting story of Adnan Sami

Ask any overweight person, he will be able to confirm, that the weight loss journey is not easy. For Adnan also it was the same, from having surgeries to being confined on bed (3 months is certainly not a joke). He also had sleep issues, because the extra fat that he had used to put strain on his lungs while sleeping, hence he had to go through a lot, besides just the ‘weight issue’.

He was also given a warning by his doctors, that just in case his ‘weight loss’ journey is not successful, he won’t have much time to survive, so this was like an alarm clock to him. He was also heard saying that the last ‘unhealthy meal’ he had was of a cheese Cake, Mashed Potatoes and Potter House Steak with loads and Loads of Butter. He weighed 230-kilograms that were that!

He was also heard saying, once that he, as a kid, was not so much healthy, as he was actively interested in sports and was an avid player of Squash, Polo, but by the time he got to know about Doughnuts and Brownies, his life changed forever.

Now, let’s see how he got ‘hooked to’ taking care of his health.

We all have heard the famous line, the journey of a thousand miles always begins with a single step, but do you think it was easy in Adnan case, let’s see. Since, he was ‘quite huge’, it was certainly not easy for him to exercise, as doing this would put a lot of pressure on his body, which would in turn lead to a ‘heart attack’, Which meant, he was supposed to lower his weight, through diet alone, initially, before starting off any other thing (which might not also backfire). So, off he went to Houston (Texas) because this is where his journey started. He came to know through his doctors, that he ate emotionally (which means he used to love it, when emotional) so the diet plan he had to follow was a low-calorie diet. He left (or rather was forced to ‘leave’) White Rice, Bread, all JUNK FOOD! He survived on Salads, Fish, Boiled Dal, he was also asked to have sugar free drinks.

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