Adverse Effects Of Gynecomastia On Boys And Men At Different Stages Of Age


Adverse Effects Of Gynecomastia On Boys And Men At Different Stages Of Age

Gynecomastia has become the most common condition in males as even studies have given evidence for the same degree of male breast enlargement in men and boys of all ages. In this condition, the male can have the breasts that appear more like the females as in this condition, men can have the enlargement of breasts e to excess of glandular tissue.

However, this condition of male boobs can occur at any age but the causes for the occurrence of this condition may differ at the different stage of life as follows

Gynecomastia in boysGynecomastia in boys

More than 50% of males suffer from the Gynecomastia issue during adolescence as per the data collected by NIH. According to the experts, the occurrence of this problem in boys can be due to an increased level of estrogen that is the female hormone in the body during puberty. This higher level of estrogen than its normal level can cause the enlargements of breasts in boys during adolescence stage but this problem generally gets reversed with time in most of the cases but not always.

Gynecomastia in menGynecomastia in men

As per the study of NIH more than 65% of men can suffer from this problem of breast enlargement in the age between 27 to 90 years. The symptoms of the Gynecomastia in men and the boys are similar to each other but the reasons for this problem can be different. In men, medical conditions like a thyroid problem, cancer in the pituitary gland, the patient can have side effects like enlargement of breasts. Moreover, consumption of alcohol and drug abuse may also result in the Gynecomastia condition.

Treatment of gynecomastiaTreatment of gynecomastia

Gynecomastia condition is considered as the direct hit for the masculine feeling of the men as their breasts appear like the females so it is the embarrassing condition for most of the men. to get rid of this awkward condition men choose the Gynecomastia surgery in India so that they can get reduced and desired shape of their chest that appear like males, not females.

Gynecomastia surgical treatment can be of three types according to the extent and cause of breast enlargement but most of the patients of Gynecomastia are treated with liposuction surgery as it is minimally invasive surgery to remove the excess of fatty deposits in the different parts of the body. Apart from this incision method is also there for reducing the size of Breast and this method can be combined with liposuction in few cases to give the desired results to the patient.

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