Amount of Fat required for fat transfer


Amount of Fat required for fat transfer

With medical advancement, it has allowed us to move the fat from one area and then transfer it to another body part. In the last few years, this procedure has become extremely successful. People often wonder how much can be transferred, which we have mentioned in this guide. Keep in mind, every case is different, so consult the doctor always.

Given below is the detailed information about the amount of fat required for fat transfer by cosmetic surgeons.


First of all, you cannot go to A cup to F cup only through the treatment. If you are looking for a rocket in size, then the method won’t give you the desired results you are looking for.

The treatment is great for the patients who want to increase the cup size by one to one-and-a-half size. Moreover, the procedure can also work best to restore the volume or sagginess. Every person has a unique body, so always consult the doctor to get the best advice. He will prepare a treatment plan for you which gives you the best outcomes.

What happens before and after the Breast Fat transfer?

Every person will have their own experience and results from the treatment. At our clinic, you can get to review the patient’s testimonials or read the reviews on the website which are submitted by them without any alterations.

Despite filtering fat before the transfer it is important to use the best. It is found that after breast fat transfer around 40 percent of the transferred part is lost within 2 months which makes it essential for fat extraction.

For the thin patients, the fat is taken through liposuction. For the best possible results and to make sure your health is not affected, you need to consult an experienced doctor who is skilled and qualified. This way, the final results you will get are the best and what you are looking for.


With the buttock fat transfer, there is 40 percent of volume loss and the patient needs to have an adequate amount of fat. The patient does not have to be overweight and the patient must have the ideal weight to get the best results.

If after the treatment, you lose weight it can affect the results because the fat gets lost due to exercise and the diet pattern you follow.

What happens before and after the fat transfer to the buttocks?

Buttock transfer is not the option for a huge increase in volume. For the right information, and to understand the entire working, consult the best surgeon. The doctor will work with you and give you better contour and shape to the areas which surround the flanks and thighs.

To understand the entire working of the procedure and what all you need to follow to get timely results, consult our surgeon.

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