Are you Going for plastic surgery in 2019? Questions you must ask


Are you Going for plastic surgery in 2019? Questions you must ask

Plastic surgery can be an excellent option if you are unhappy with the way you look. However, going under the knife without giving it a second thought can cost you heavily, and we are not referring only to the financial aspect. Before proceeding for the invasive cosmetic procedure, it is advised that you consider all your options carefully. A frank and open discussion with a plastic surgeon will help. We will help you in this venture by finding answers to the following queries-

Are you interested in Plastic Surgery for the Right Reasons?

If you are trying to please someone else through plastic surgery, then you are not following the correct path. If it is due to your better half pressurizing you to have a well-toned body, or you want to improve your appearance after your divorce or breakup, then the underlying reason for undergoing plastic surgery is not appreciable. These constitute bad reasons for desiring plastic surgery. Plastic surgery must be done to please yourself and not someone else.

Have you done the required Research?

Patients who undertake extensive research are found to be the most satisfied ones. This is because they have invested time in finding about the procedure of their choice, the suitability requirements, and the length of the recovery phase and associated potential risks and complications. Researching the educational background and professional reputation of the plastic surgeon is also necessary to ensure that you are in the best hands. You can also go through the before-and-after photos of various patients before taking the plunge.

Can You Afford It?

These are elective procedures therefore they are not covered under health insurance policies.  Ensure that you know the total cost of your procedure (with no hidden costs). It should include all the cost incurring factors like the surgeon’s charge, anesthesia cost, surgical center’s fees, and cost of follow-up appointments and aftercare. Remember that only the surgery will not be the cost incurring factor. The medications after the surgery are also accountable. Ask if there is a possibility of payment options, like credit cards and health care financing with the particular plastic surgeon you have chosen. You can ask about it in the initial consultation.

The Recovery Period

Take note of the recovery period if you are considering a procedure like breast augmentation, tummy tuck or facelift. These procedures require a longer downtime, which could range from several days to a few weeks. Of course, you will have to refrain from work, strenuous exercise and heavy tasks for a while.

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