Areas Where Body Fat Brings Problem Explained


Areas Where Body Fat Brings Problem Explained

Why does fat stay in some areas and how to get rid of it?

Most of us have a body area where we want the firm and toned look. But the stubborn fat in that area won’t let the fat to go away from there.

It doesn’t even matter whatever we try is not helping to make the fat shift move that area. Summer is here and we all want to wear those amazing pieces of clothes we bought. Here are some problem areas explained and how to get rid of them.

  • Bums and thighs

Hormones and aging can make the fat to settle in the area around the thighs, bottom, and pelvis. In the case of women, they burn fat in different ways which means the lower-body fat can be difficult to shift.

Well, the problem can be solved by undergoing the procedure of fat-removal can help to get rid of the fat in the bottom area and outer thigh. The procedure is very effective and efficient in making the fat removed which helps in giving a proper shape. Moreover, it can also solve the issue of knees rubbing against each other which is very uncomfortable in summers. Doing exercise will not help always help to make the fat disappear. Whereas doing hip bridges, deep squats, and lunges will help the muscle structure good.

  • Upper arms

When the stubborn fat is collected on the upper arms they are referred to as bingo wings. Basically, it develops with age because the women start losing the skin elasticity as well as it starts collecting extra fat which gives a saggy appearance. This can also get triggered if you do not do proper exercise.

For this, having liposuction surgery is the best option in which the patient is given local anesthesia. With this treatment, excess fat will be removed and it helps in giving the upper arm a more defined look. The doctor also recommends doing bicep curls and push-ups as they help in reducing the fat and make the muscles more strong.

  • Tummy and Hips

On tummy and hips, the fat is accumulated because of a change in hormones and eating too much sugar. This may also mean that the body is not able to handle the insulin properly which makes the fat to deposit around the waist. In this case, also, the treatment of liposuction is very helpful. Moreover, the recovery is very fast as well as minimal downtime. With the treatment, the patient is able to get back to his/her normal working routine in 3 days.

If you are thinking of getting the treatment and want to know more about the procedure, then you should visit consult our doctor.

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