BBL Or Tummy Tuck Which One Is Suitable For You First


BBL Or Tummy Tuck Which One Is Suitable For You First

Many women undergo many cosmetic procedures at one time, for e.g, some women prefer getting both Brazilian  Butt Lift along with a tummy tuck surgery also. But the main thing of worry for such a woman is, is that which surgery will be completed first, BBL or tummy tuck surgery.

There are numerous developments in medical science which help the person get the targeted alteration which the person always thought of achieving. Both the techniques ( BBL and tummy tuck) can be obtained with minimally – invasive technique with no surgical fear at all. Buttock enhancement embodies one of the most quickly growing and getting popular surgeries in cosmetic surgery. In this procedure, fat is taken out through liposuction and then inserted into the buttocks.   BBL is performed under local anesthesia, in patients who wish to have a slight increase in hunches, along with having liposuction. When a surgeon who has experience in both techniques performs it, the patient feels no discomfort and also has a faster recovery time.

In the same way, a tummy tuck is also performed with the most advanced techniques. The process removes extra fat and skin near the stomach and also tightness the muscles of the stomach which results in a solid midsection. This works very well when other methods of removing fat cannot work.

But if you are planning to get both of them done, which should you choose first?

Many experts suggest getting BBL done in the first place after which a tummy tuck can be done. While doing BBL, fat is taken out through liposuction from areas like abdomen, hips, and thighs. After which they are reinserted into buttocks. Experts say that if a tummy tuck is first performed, then there will not be much fat available for transfer.

Many surgeons do not recommend combining tummy tuck along with BBL. It is because the healing time of one surgery can interfere with the other one.  After BBL surgery patients cannot be on the buttocks for a long time. On the other hand, post tummy tuck many people are unable to lie on the stomach for many days.

Some surgeons are very careful about combining the procedures with a tummy tuck. The reason is that tummy tuck targets some areas while other procedures might be quite the opposite.

If you also are interested in getting BBL and Tummy tuck is done, choose the right surgeon for your surgery.

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