Be Confident In Your Skin – Opt For Tummy Tuck


Be Confident In Your Skin – Opt For Tummy Tuck

It is seen in many people that even though they follow a strict diet and exercise regimen, the abdominal fat just refuses to go away. It might be due to many reasons -aging, weight fluctuations or pregnancy hormones. The fatness may be accompanied by sagging and stretching. The exercise and diet might fail but you can get good results by opting for a tummy tuck procedure. A plastic surgeon is the right person to perform the surgery.

The Tummy Tuck

The medical term for a tummy tuck surgery is abdominoplasty. The procedure is a safe and effective way of eliminating abdominal fat and tightening the abdominal skin. This procedure is used for patients who have lost a lot of body weight and have a significant amount of remnant sagging skin. During the procedure, excess abdominal fat and loose skin are removed and the tightening of the abdominal wall is carried out. The procedure gives way to a tighter, flatter, and well-toned abdomen. Although the procedure gives superb results, the patients should refrain from considering it a weight loss procedure.

Liposuction in cont#rast with  Tummy Tuck

The procedure that will suit you will depend on the results that you want. While Liposuction surgery caters only to the removal of subcutaneous fat, it doesn’t affect the skin. Patients with elastic skin show effective liposuction as it bounces back. If the skin is unable to adjust to the sudden fat loss, then it may lead to excess skin remaining. Although a tummy tuck is successful in removing some fat, the main purpose of the procedure is tightening the excess abdominal skin. It is an ideal procedure for patients who have lost weight but want to remove their excess skin. Some people combine the tuck with liposuction surgery to get the best results.

Best Candidates for the Procedure

Tummy tuck procedure is most suitable for candidates who are unable to revive the way their abdomen looked before giving birth or are unable to achieve a well-toned stomach. Most candidates are those who have attained or are close to their optimal body weight but need a well-toned look. People with extreme weight fluctuations need the removal of some excess skin.

Recovery after the procedure 

Recovery time varies from person to person. However, patients usually heal after two to three weeks. You will need to set aside some time for healing and relaxation after the surgery. Also, adhere to the specific instructions given by the doctor regarding cleaning your dressing and doing other functions so that you heal swiftly and completely.

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