Biggest Myths about Plastic Surgery in India


Biggest Myths about Plastic Surgery in India

Plastic surgery has been around for some years now and people use it in different ways to enhance their looks. The surgical process lies somewhere between beauty parlors and medical surgery. It seems to spread across both the disciplines. However, the procedure has been the subject of many controversies and myths which we will attempt to unfold today. So get ready to see the most famous myths related to cosmetic surgery get busted.

Only the rich and famous can afford it 

It was the truth in the yesteryears when the technique could be afforded only by the high and mighty. Not anymore. The technique has become better and cheaper over the years. The clinics offer financing options which the patients can avail for attaining financial flexibility. As the costs are no longer unreasonable, they can be afforded by the patients without worrying about their expenses.

  1. Plastic Surgery is only about looks

No, the technique is used for other reasons as it is beneficial to health and psychology. Botox has shown improvement in cases of migraine and sweating. Breast implantation surgery holds high significance for restoring the confidence levels of a breast cancer patient who had to undergo a mastectomy.

  1. It’s hazardous

True,  but only as much as any other surgery. You need not be bothered about extremely hazardous results if the surgeon is competent and experienced. With the use of latest devices, the risks associated with the surgery have reduced greatly.

  1. It gives artificial results 

Yes, it used to happen a few years ago. However, it can not be said about the modern scenario. In the bygone era, the surgery used to be evident by the telltale surgical scars and stains. With the advancement in technique and equipment, such signs can hardly be seen. The surgeries like breast reconstruction and gynecomastia do leave scars but the signs of other surgeries can not be made out easily.

  1. More accessible to the masses 

The drawbacks of being inaccessible to the masses have faded out over the years. Many surgeries fall within the financial affordability of middle-class people. With the advancement in technology,  it is now a common man’s option. The decrease in the hazard factor has also contributed to the increase in the number of people seeking such solutions.

Choose with Caution 

The technique may have evolved but you need to be careful while looking out for a cosmetic surgeon. Don’t settle for some novice surgeon whose skills are questionable. Find out about the most reputed surgeon in your area and use his services, that way you will be assured of getting good quality results and hazard-free experience. An expert surgeon will always hold a  pre-surgical consultation session in which you and he can discuss the nature of the problem and the reason for undergoing the surgery. He will then diagnose your body shape, size, and type. He will suggest a solution which gives optimum results in keeping with your biological statistics.

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