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7 Best Diet Ingredients For Best Hair Care

Having strong, shiny and healthy hair can be the dream of everyone as they symbolize the best look and health of the person and even boost him up with confidence. Unfortunately due to poor diet or wrong choices of food we lose our crown glory and choose hair loss treatment but this type of hair […]


Is Stress The Cause Of Prematurely Gray Hair?

In modern times, stress is an element that cant be ignored. If you are experiencing premature greying, you can opt for many options which will decrease the speed of the process. But hair loss is a process which can be treated only with hair transplant if no other medication works. Generally, males show the tendency […]


What Can Be Done To Grow Hair Quickly?

A lot has been said about men’s grooming, especially about their hair. Every guy I have come across is scared to death to lose their hair. The follicle shrinks and does not grow anything out of it. This is called male baldness. This comes out in two different forms- thinning of hair and overall loss […]


Minoxidil for Hair Loss Treatment. Here is what you must know

Minoxidil is an FDA approved drug, being used to treat hair loss in both men and women caused by different factors. Initially, Minoxidil was mostly used to treat women hair loss and it is popularly referred to as Rogaine. In the earlier years, researchers were captivated in different forms of research with a major aim […]

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