Changes That Can Be Made To Nose With Rhinoplasty


Changes That Can Be Made To Nose With Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty surgery helps in changing the nose shape. When you visit the surgeon they will consider all the facial features, and what results you want. Moreover, you can get the shape of the nose changed according to your desire. In this guide we will see what changes you can be made to the nose.

Rhinoplasty or nose job is the popular procedure which is performed by a plastic surgeon to change the shape of the nose. Both men and women can undergo this procedure. Definitely, the nose plays an important role in making your appearance as it is in the center of your face.

Many patients come to the clinic to reduce the size of the nose or to even get it reshaped. They want the features which they do not look the best should be treated.

No doubt, in the last few years, it has seen that rhinoplasty has become very popular and its demand is increasing. With the technique and way to do the surgery have also changed. While doing the rhinoplasty surgery the doctor’s approach is ‘less is more’.

The main idea is to make changes to the nose but the ideal anatomy of the nose should not be changed aggressively in any way.

Additionally, the healing pattern of the nose is very different so that thing should be kept in mind. No one wants that their nose should look unnatural by doing it too much.

What changes can be made to the nose with rhinoplasty?

  • Making the nose smaller

Some people want to reduce the size of the nose which is referred to as noise reduction. In this case, the cartilage and bone are removed so that the desired results can be achieved.

  • Making the nose larger

Nose augmentation is another way in which the nose shape can be changed. In this method, the cartilage is taken from the ear and bone from the elbow, skull, and hips. These things can help to make the nose have the desired look you want.

  • Changing the shape of the nose

If you want to change the shape of the nose then it can also be done. This can be done by breaking the bone of the nose and then cartilage will be rearranged.  

  • Changing the angle between the top lip and nose

If you want to get your nose angled then it can also be done with this surgery.

One thing which should be kept in mind is that if the patient has a breathing problem then it should be taken care of. The doctor will make sure to check if there is any type of allergic reaction so that no problem comes at the time of surgery. Make sure you choose the best surgeon as they can tell you properly about the treatment.


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