CoolSculpting: Now Coolest Therapy Can Help You To Get Rid Of Your Body Fat


CoolSculpting: Now Coolest Therapy Can Help You To Get Rid Of Your Body Fat

Obesity can be the house of many diseases and even it can hamper one’s personality so there is hardly any person who does not want to get rid of body fat. Some exercise and adequate pattern of eating can help you to remove your fat but sometimes the stubborn fat becomes tension for you. The fat which does not reduce with exercise and dieting that can be removed with medical treatments like some medications, surgical and nonsurgical procedures.

CoolSculpting is the revolutionized nonsurgical method used for removing fat from the body with cool therapy. It is getting popular among the people who want to remove their fat, because of its feasible and noninvasive results.

What is CoolSculpting?

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is also known as Cryolipolysis, in this procedure fat cells are removed with the cooling techniques under the controlled conditions. This method is different from other treatments like liposuction as in this treatment fat cells are cooled down to get melt without any damage to the surrounding tissue. After the few days of this procedure, the patient can notice the automatic removal of the target body fat cells.

Ideal candidates for CoolSculpting

Ideal candidates for CoolSculpting

It is the ideal treatment option for the obese person who has tried dieting and exercise but failed to reduce fat cells. Candidate for this procedure should have weight 10 to 15 pounds as ideal body weight excepting bodybuilders and muscular physiques.

Moreover, the pregnant women, planning to get pregnant or new mothers are not candidates for this procedure. Moreover, for the best results, the patient must have good general health and should not be addicted to smoking or alcohol.

What happens during and after the procedure?

It is the noninvasive and non-surgical procedure to eliminate the extra fat cells from the body. During the treatment, target areas having extra fat cells are marked and covered with the cool gel pad. Then the handheld applicator is applied to the marked areas and this vacuum applicator will cool the fat cells.

Initially, the patient may feel a cool sensation but after some time all these sensations get vanish. Fat cells are cooled under the controlled conditions and for the time depending on the length of the targeted area from which fat cells are to be removed.

It is the safe and comfortable procedure of a few hours and during the treatment, the patient can even read the book or can watch TV. After few days of the procedure, cool fat cells get eliminated from the body most probably in 2-3 weeks patient can have visible results of the treatment.

This procedure has no recovery period as the treatment is non-invasive. In rare cases, redness, cramping, numbness, tingling or bruising may appear on the treated area but all these side effects remain for the very short time and get vanish in 1-2 days.

Otherwise, there is not any risk of allergy or infection as this procedure is performed without anesthesia, cutting or manipulation of tissues so that patient can resume their activities even on the same day.

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