Do You Think Young Men With Gynecomastia Need Support?


Do You Think Young Men With Gynecomastia Need Support?

In case you know of a man or you yourself are one, who has developed swollen or enlarged breasts, it is very essential for you to get checked with a doctor. Maybe the doctors say that you have gynecomastia. Gynecomastia Surgery in India is carried out very well.

The condition begins initially with a harmless one, but it can later on lead to hormone imbalance or some other issues, so the best way is to get yourself checked, once you find anything worry some.

The first thing will be the doctor examining you to rule out Adipomastia or pseudo-gynecomastia, and check if you have fat in the area or if you are overweight

In case you are found having true gynecomastia, enlarged breasts tissue in glands that have a medical cause, the doctor will suggest you some tests to find the cause.

The list of causes of gynecomastia is too long. The crux remains that something blocks the male hormone testosterone. Allowing the female hormone, Estrogen to take over/ control making estrogen level to rise.

Some factors responsible for the hormonal imbalance

Liver disease
There is a condition found at birth resulting in small testes along with a reduction in testosterone levels.
Many men suffer from testicular cancer, so to treat that, the testicle is removed
Kidney disease

Gynecomastia is not the disease in itself, but it is a manifestation of another problem. So the doctors check the hormones that can be in imbalance, and also check the liver, kidney and thyroid functions and so forth so that they come to know, what the problem is.

Intake of medicines

A variety of medications can cause gynecomastia. The most common offender is spironolactone. A water-reduction pill, cardiologists use it to treat high blood pressure or heart failure. Many medicines can cause gynecomastia, the most common amongst them is spironolactone. It is a pill for reducing water, which cardiologists use for treating high blood pressure or in some cases heart failure.

Other medicines to blame are:
Anti-androgen therapy which is used for treating prostate enlargement and cancer.
Steroids and androgens
AIDS medicines
Medicines to control anti-anxiety
Medicines for Ulcer
other antibiotics

Drugs, as we all are aware, do no good, but ruin one’s health, so do these drugs also do the same


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