Does Breast Augmentation Affect breastFeeding?


Does Breast Augmentation Affect breastFeeding?

Breast augmentation is the process which many women go through to make their breast look better. but there is one concern that if the women are pregnant or breastfeeding will breast augmentation affect it anyway. to understand this, read the articles carefully as we have discussed this.

Understanding Breastfeeding

Doctors always suggest that breast implants will not affect even if you plan to breastfeed. But, no doubt, it does bring many questions in mind like:

  • Is breastfeeding going to be challenging?
  • Are there any risks factors for me or my baby?
  • Will getting the implants impact the lactation?
  • Is nursing going to affect my breast appearance?

Here we have mentioned in detail about whether breast augmentation can affect the breastfeeding process.

Production of Breast Milk After Augmentation

Breastfeeding is possible after you get a breast augmentation. In many cases, women have proper milk but sometimes there is not full supply. Studies have shown that breast surgery, including augmentation, biopsy, and reduction can reduce milk supply. Researchers are not sure why this happens. But it might happen because the milk ducts get damaged during surgery, or pressure from implants affects breast tissue. In case, the augmentation is causing inadequate milk supply, there are various ways milk production can be increased.

Problematic area

In a study around 160 mothers were examined who had undergone the procedure.

It was found that the size and location of the incision did not affect the success of breastfeeding. Around 86% of the mothers were worried about breastfeeding that it would hurt their appearance of breasts and face issue while nursing.

With repeated pregnancy it was seen that breast started dropping with time, it means nursing alone will not affect the augmentation procedure.

Surgery type play an essential role

The kind of surgery the patient has gone through will also determine whether you are going to experience issue is breastfeeding or not.

If there is an incision through the armpit or under the crease then it will not cause any issue. The difficulty of chances will increase if the incision is around the vicinity of the areola. This might even reduce the response of the nerves. The milk production might be reduced with time if the implant is placed above the glandular tissue directly.

What is the best way to avoid the problem?

When you visit the cosmetic surgeon let them know that you have to breastfeed in the future. This way the surgeon will design the best plan of cosmetic surgery for you. You can also postpone the procedure until you are pregnant.

Just keep in mind when you consult the surgeon beforehand it makes everything even better and also the results will come out in your favor.

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