Do’s And Dont’s If You Have Oily Skin Prone To Acne


Do’s And Dont’s If You Have Oily Skin Prone To Acne

Every person wants to have healthy and fresh looking skin. No one likes having red spots, acne, or pimples on the face. But, people who have oily skin face the issue of having acne. In this guide, we are going to discuss the do’s and don’ts if your skin is oily so that acne is not formed.

For healthy skin, it is essential to follow a proper skin-care routine on a daily basis. Also, it is essential to follow a few rules which match to your skin type. In case, you have oily skin then here are some do’s and don’ts to keep the skin safe from the pimple.

What you should DO?

  • Wash the face properly at day and night

Those who have oily skin need to maintain a proper face-washing routine. You need to use a face wash which effectively deals with oily skin but it should take away the natural oils from the skin. Make sure you use an oil free, pH balanced face wash which treats breakouts and unclog the pores.

  • Start using SPF

Acne flares up when your skin gets exposed to the sun. make sure when you go visit apply sunscreen. You should take advice from the doctor as they can tell you better which one suit your skin type

  • Clean the makeup brushes

While doing makeup you should use the brushes, not the fingers. Wash the brushes regularly as they can also get accumulated with germs and bacteria which can lead to acne.

In case, the problem is increasing a lot then you should visit the doctor for acne scar treatment.

  • Choose the right type of makeup product

You should choose the makeup product according to your skin type. Use the powder, foundations, powders, and concealer which are shine-free and mattifying.

What you should DON’T do?

  • Never skip the moisturizer

Oily skin needs the moisture also, make sure you apply the moisturizer daily. You need to pick one which is formulated according to your skin type. You should take recommendation from the doctor as they will let you know about the best product which does not contain any chemical.

  • Do not touch or pop the pimples

The biggest problem is that when you touch the pimples and red spots add dirt & germs. You should wash your hands properly and do not put them on the cheeks or chin. Otherwise, you will face the issue of acne. In that case, having cosmetic surgery is the best option.

  • Do not sleep on a dirty pillowcase

The pillowcase also absorbs the dirt, grease, and grim. Change the pillow covers frequently. No doubt, no one skin is perfect but making small changes in daily routine will help you take a one step further to have shiny and clear skin.

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