FAQ about Acne Scars


FAQ about Acne Scars

Pimples are the most common problem. But it can be unfortunate when it leaves scars behind which is pretty harmful to self-esteem. People often worry about what is the reason? In this guide, we have mentioned the frequently asked questions linked to acne scars so that you know the problem in a better way.

When patients visit the doctor to get the acne scar treatment they often have different questions in their mind. We have mentioned the FAQ about acne scars below:

Is the occurrence of acne scars permanent?

In most cases, the scarring leaves a permanent imprint on the skin and the same is for the acne scars. However, with time the marks due to pimple will get less in-depth and contour.

What’s even better is that advancements made in dermatology have made given the different options to decrease the scar tissue appearance due to acne breakouts.

Visit the best plastic surgeon as they will let you know different options like laser treatment, micro-needling, and other options.

Does scarring occur when we pick the scars?

  • It might seem tempting to pop inflamed zit especially when you want to go out but this is the worst thing to do. It will damage the skin outer layer which is not right.
  • It might seem like you are getting away with unwanted puss when the zit is popped. The white substance is very yucky which can be seen on the outer layer, around 20% will come out and when you push it with hands around 80% of it will make the puss go further which is not right. So, you should let the spots heal naturally so that permanent damage is not caused.

Is it important to get surgery for removing scars?

The condition is long-term and its severity can be different. In case, the acne is left untreated it can lead to permanent scarring. In every case, the patient reacts to different treatment so it means one option will not fit others. Effective options are chemical peels, CO2 laser treatment, and fillers.

Is it possible the scars heal naturally?

Yes, the scars can lessen in contour and depth with time without getting treatment. But, various factors will determine the time that existing acne scars will fade away. It is not just about the severity of acne but your age, tone, skin type, and complexion will also play an essential part in this.

What is Accutane and will it result in scarring?

It working involves reducing the sebum oil production and dead skin flow is controlled. This medication does not result in scarring but it can trigger other side effects like dryness around lips and eyes which can be managed.

Make sure you consult the doctor, according to your condition they will help you get the right treatment plan.

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