FAQ about Laser Liposuction


FAQ about Laser Liposuction

All of those who are trying very hard to remove unwanted or stubborn body fat often get liposuction done to get back their lost confidence. Since the treatment is new, many people have many questions regarding the same. Here, you will find answers to frequently asked questions about laser liposuction.

What is the process of laser liposuction?

This is one of the first laser-based methods of liposuction treatments. Laser lipo makes use of a tiny laser fiber which is injected into the skin. The fibers in the lasers keep moving all over the area, transmitting energy to fat cells that have to be taken out.  The laser also interacts with skin to help in reducing and tightening skin.

How safe this the process?

Many people get scared when they hear the word laser being said by someone. But, the fact is that laser lipo is a very safe process. The process is an authentic one and it helps in removing the for cutting or tearing of fat. There is no need of giving anesthesia to the patient.

When does the surgery get completed?

It takes less than an hour for the process to complete. But, many surgeons advise the patients to get Aqua lipo along with the liposuction process, for better results.

What body parts are mostly targeted in laser lipo?

It is helpful in removing fat from areas like midsection, arms, thighs, arms or chin.

What are the final results?

The doctor and you, both can have a discussion about the goals for the surgery.

The results are different in every person. The results are based on the body set up and your goals set up. The results depend on body makeup and your goals. Your doctor will tell you about your results in a better way.

Will are the results visible?

Even this varies in every person. In many people, the results are visible after just one treatment.  Little swelling might be observed but that goes away on its own and it is not a thing to worry about. Results are visible after one week or 10 days.

Where will the fat go?

The fat gets burned off just like it does while the food is digested in the body.

When people go for a laser lipo along with Aqua lipo, the fat is taken out and drained using a machine.

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