FAQ About Thigh Lift Surgery


FAQ About Thigh Lift Surgery

What is Thigh Lift Surgery?

Thigh lift surgery is also called thighplasty. The surgery works on improving the loose, loose skin and also helps in reducing extra fat deposits from thighs.

Why is thigh lift surgery chosen by patients?

The reasons for choosing thigh lift surgery are many. Many times the weight I thigh is much more than should be there, which leaves us with fat deposits and poor skin elasticity. A thigh lift will help in reshaping the thighs by taking out unessential skin and fat, which leaves the person to have smooth skin.

What is the process of the surgery?

During the surgery, many surgical techniques are used for removing extra, loose skin and also unwanted fatty deposits.

Are the results permanent?

The results are permanent in most cases. But, one has to maintain a steady weight and try not to increase weight.

Why should I get a thigh lift surgery done?

You should get a thigh lift surgery if you wish to achieve the following:

  • Improve cellulite on thighs.
  • Remove deposits of extra fat, tissue, and skin from thighs
  • Have thighs of normal shape

How long does the surgery take to complete?

It takes about 4 hours for the surgery to complete.

What is the recovery process?

Recovery depends upon the person’s healing capabilities. It mostly takes 2 months for the person to completely heal from this. The doctor may advise you to wear compression garments, for many weeks to reduce the swelling and to heal properly.

Will walking be easy or will it be difficult after the surgery?

You will walk daily to prevent blood clots to form in the legs, and walking daily will be easy. It won’t be difficult.

Do the operated areas feel tight after surgery?

The areas which have been operated on feel tight and swollen, but only for a short while. Hence, it is advised that the person does not do any kind of exercise or stretching of the operated part. Slowly, you will be able to do activities that you were used to doing before you got the surgery done.

For how long can i take leave from office?

It depends on the type of job that you do. But, you should take a rest of a minimum of 20 days from your work station.

Will my thighs return to normal position after the surgery?

Yes, your thighs will get to the normal position after surgery.

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