Frequently Asked Questions About Rhinoplasty


Frequently Asked Questions About Rhinoplasty

Going for any kind of surgery is not a child’s play, it is very important that you get all your doubts cleared before getting the surgery done. Here you will find answers related to mostly asked questions on rhinoplasty:

Does rhinoplasty cure breathing issues?

Rhinoplasty is done along with septoplasty for curing a drifted barrier and also for straightening the nozzle transit. Getting all of this corrected will surely improve breathing problems.

Is it possible for teenagers to get their nose surgery done?

Teenagers whose nose have not fully grown can surely get it done. Many of the patients are of 15 years. Teenagers should be emotionally strong and should also have realistic expectations about results.

Are scars visible post rhinoplasty?

This totally depends upon your abscission methods. It is a possibility that you may have small scar post rhinoplasty. If you are getting a closed rhinoplasty done, then there won’t be any visible scarring, because the marks are hidden inside the nose. If open rhinoplasty is chosen by you there can be small scars since this method demands a small cut at the lower side of the nostril. This scar is unnoticeable and goes away with time.

Will there be any changes in my nose post rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is able to make changes in your nose. It adjusts the nostrils, expands the bridge, clears the tip of the nose, also helps in making nose less protuberant

For how long will the swelling last after rhinoplasty?

About 75% of the swelling goes away after about three weeks, but the swelling inside the nose will take a little more time to go but will subside.

Does having a cold make it difficult for this surgery to happen?

In case you have a cold, it will be best to wait until you are fit. Having a surgery along with an infection of the respiratory tract can increase your chances of having a complicated surgery.

How will my smelling sense be post surgery?

Rhinoplasty may transform your sense of smell which will be because of the swelling of internal nose. As the swelling will slowly subside ,your normal sense of smell will return. Some people who get septoplasty along with rhinoplasty will be much better with smelling sense post surgery.

Can any alternative things be done instead of rhinoplasty?

While injectable fillers can make some adjustments to the look of the nose, there are no other options or alternative things which can produce results as good as rhinoplasty

For how much time I have to Wear Splint?

On average, you may need to wear your splint for one week after surgery to ensure that your nose tissues heal correctly and remain unharmed during recovery.

I cannot tolerate much pain, how will I possibly tolerate the pain?

Just like any small or big surgery, anesthesia is given in this surgery also. While recovering many patients, experience slight discomfort, which goes away with the intake of painkillers.

Will I have to repeat the procedure of surgery again?

In case you are not satisfied with the results, then you can get it done, but always remember that the second round of surgery will be more complicated and also require more aftercare precautions, so see for yourself if you truly wish to get it done or not.

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