Get your body bikini ready with cool-sculpting


Get your body bikini ready with cool-sculpting

The bikini season is around the corner and it is time you shed your weight before it arrives. Sure, we know that you have been exercising and dieting hard to look fabulous in the bikini. However, some of you might be bogged down by some bulges which refuse to go away with all the exercise and diet you have done. It is common to find this type of diet-resistant fat, especially with the advancing age

It becomes difficult for the body to eliminate the excess bulges as the body’s metabolism slows down with age. This results in excessive fat deposits around your midsection or other areas. Luckily, medical technological advancements like CoolSculpting have made losing such fat possible and safe.

How CoolSculpting can make you look better 

CoolSculpting is the name given to nonsurgical, noninvasive treatment that helps in giving you a well-toned look by destroying stubborn fat cells underneath your skin. It involves the use of cooling panels that freeze and destroy the fat cells forever.

The advantage of freezing technology is that it affects only the targeted areas of fat and leaves the surrounding skin tissue untouched. Once the fall cells are frozen to death, they are unable to grow back. They get metabolized by your body naturally, by flushing them out from your body as waste. The technique of CoolSculpting gives durable results and helps in maintaining a slimmer body.

Customization and CoolSculpting 

When you first consult a plastic surgeon, he will create an individualized treatment plan to do away with the fat is the most bothersome to you. He will discuss the cosmetic goals you have in mind, the expectations you have and whether it is possible to meet those goals.

Treatment includes multiple sessions and they will depend on your fat loss goals. You can completely relax during the treatment sessions while the technology slogs to make your body slimmer.

CoolSculpting can be used to tackle fat deposits on various areas of the body, which including your:

  • Flanks
  • Back
  • Upper arms
  • Abdomen
  • Below the buttocks
  • Double Chin

The new you

The results won’t show immediately. The processing of fat calls will take some weeks. However, you will be able to see results as the body flushes out dead fat cells in the weeks that follow through your natural waste-removal system. Thereafter, you will see an improved, slimmer and a well-balanced body. You may feel a decrease in size, and the clothes will seem to fit better. You will be having a well-toned body by the time you have to don a bikini.

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