Guide To Breast Augmentation Recovery by Dr. Vikas Gupta


Guide To Breast Augmentation Recovery by Dr. Vikas Gupta

Dr. Vikas Gupta is the well-known surgeon for the breast lift. He has experience of many years and his dedication has helped many patients to see the desired results they are looking for. In this guide, we have shared the breast lift recovery guide which is given by our surgeon.

So, you are planning to undergo the breast augmentation procedure in the future or you have just received it. The recovery time for this surgery is different in every case. This is because every woman is different in terms of their immune system and how well they can tolerate the pain. The recovery process can speed up if you strictly follow the guidelines given by your surgeon. Dr. Vikas Gupta is a well-known cosmetic surgeon for breast lift surgery because of his expertise and skills to give the best treatment. Below, we have mentioned the recovery timeline given by him for your knowledge.

Breast Augmentation Recovery Timeline


  • 2 to 3 days after Surgery


After the procedure, the women will experience moderate pain. The surgeon will give you medications which help manage the pain. There will be swelling and bruising to some extent. Make sure to wear the compression bandage to minimize the discomfort.


  • One week after surgery


At this point, the patient can engage in light activity. But any type of strenuous activity should not be done. The surgeon will also schedule an appointment to check the incision site.


  • Two weeks after surgery


You will start feeling normal again after the surgery. You can get involved in light activities without any type of pain or discomfort. But, it is still not possible to engage yourself in any strenuous activity.


  • Four weeks after surgery


At this point, women can get involved in regular exercise. The surgeon will give you guidelines about what type of exercise you should do and avoid.


  • Six weeks after surgery


By the end of the sixth week, the recovery is almost complete which means you can get to any type of working routine and sleep on any side. Around this time the implants will be fully settled and you can see the desired results.

Tips for Speedy Recovery

  • The most obvious but essential tip is to follow the instructions given by the doctor.
  • Eat the right kind of food, including fiber, probiotics, lean protein, Vitamin C, and B12 to make the recovery process go smoothly.
  • Even if you think you feel great you should go for the follow-up appointment as they can tell if there is any complication to recovery or healing.

Following the doctor’s guidelines will help you see the desired results. For any query, you should visit our surgeon.

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