Gynecomastia Surgery in Chandigarh | Male Breast Reduction Surgery Cost in Mohali


Gynecomastia Surgery in Chandigarh | Male Breast Reduction Surgery Cost in Mohali

Male breast reduction surgery gave me the life-changing results

With the advancements in the medical science the cosmetic and plastic surgeries have become so effective and minimally invasive that these can improve the quality of life of the patients, one such example of plastic surgery is the Gynecomastia Surgery in Chandigarh. Gynecomastia is the condition of male breast enlargement in which males has the enlarged boobs that appear like females. Thus it is a very embarrassing condition for the males and they consider it as the direct hit of the macho feeling but Gynecomastia surgery can not only reduce the size of their breasts but can also improves the quality of life. Today I want to share the poignant and honest review of my Gynecomastia patient who claims for the best and life-changing results of the Gynecomastia surgery.

Real gynecomastia Patient Testimonial

As a doctor, I feel really good when my patients feel satisfied after getting treatment. I want to share my one such patient of middle age and was suffering due to enlarged breast and I gave him the Gynecomastia treatment so he sends me the testimonial which makes me feel proud and happy.

“I am having age more than 45 and I was suffering from gynecomastia since my teenage. My enlarged breasts were the reason for my embarrassment and even my colleagues or the friends used to tease me due to the feminine look of my breasts. I was stressed and used to hide in the social gatherings so I decided to get the treatment of my Gynecomastia condition. I consulted my doctors but all refuse to give me quality treatment due to my age and excessive tissue deposit under my boobs.

But in 2015, I consulted Dr. Vikas Gupta for my problem of the enlarged breast. Honestly, he is a great doctor and consultant he studied my case deeply and decided to give me gynecomastia treatment. He customized the treatment plan depending on all the health factors and extent of my enlarged breasts problem.

He combined two surgical procedure to correct my deformity he performed liposuction to remove the excess fatty deposit of tissue from my chest and then he cut down the part of enlarged fibrous gland of my chest which is known as subareolar disk and reduce the size of dense glandular tissue to give the desired shape of breast to me after treatment.

Speaking as the most satisfied patient of Dr. Vikas Gupta I would like to thank Dr. Gupta and his best and efficient team to give me relief from the problem that I was burdening from last 35 year. He is a really wonderful doctor that changed my life as now I can move in the social gatherings with new confidence and masculine feeling.”

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