How does breast reduction works?


How does breast reduction works?

Breast reduction surgery is explained as a cosmetic surgery that is preferred to reduce the overall breast size. This surgery is a highly effective and relatively safe procedure. In this surgery, the surgeon removes unwanted fat deposits, tissues of breast and skin through incisions created below breasts. This procedure is also used for nipple and areola reposition.

Several females consider breast reduction surgery due to difficulty faced by them during exercising or to reduce shoulder and back pain. Besides this, some females undergo this surgery due to cosmetic reasons.

A breast reduction reshapes, resize, and lifts heavy and overly large breasts by eradicating unwanted fat deposits, breast tissue, and stretched skin. The outcomes which the patients derive after considering are lighter, firmer and more symmetrical breasts. Many women prefer this procedure to reshape their areolas so that they can get breasts’ new shape and size.

Working of a Breast Reduction Surgery

In breast reduction procedure, a plastic surgeon removes excess fat deposits, breast tissue, and skin which results in smaller, firmer and tighter breasts.

Surgeons create different types of incisions during a breast reduction and the incisions which are made determine what your end consequences will look like.

What Kinds Of Breast Reduction Incisions Are There?

In some plastic surgery clinics, surgeons work on three distinct kinds of incisions which are shown below:-

  1. An inverted T-shaped incision which is called as an“anchor” incision.
  2. A circular incision which is created around the areola combined with a vertical incision below the areola to the breast crease, this is called a “lollipop” incision.
  3. A circular incision which is created around the areola, this is known as a periareolar incision.

1.Under the “anchor” incision, surgeons need 3 separate incisions:

  • one around the areola
  • one vertical from below the areola to the breast crease,
  • Another along the crease of the breast.

This is the most conventional breast reduction treatment. This procedure permits the surgeon to reshape the breast by removing the maximum degree of tissue. Therefore it is usually best for those females whose breasts sag significantly.

  1. The “lollipop” shaped incision is considered to be highly beneficial for those females who want a moderate reduction and have an observable amount of sagging. In this incision, the surgeon reshapes the smaller breast internally to give a better shape and look to the patient’s breast.
  2. The periareolar incision is considered to be a simple breast surgery reduction treatment. This surgery is meant for those females who want minimal reduction and lift of breasts.

The best breast reduction incision kind is the one that works according to the peculiar requirements of the patient. If you are also want to undergo this procedure then you should choose the best surgeon so that the procedure is performed by the safe hands.

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