How To Have Better Results After Hair Transplant Surgery?


How To Have Better Results After Hair Transplant Surgery?

Hair loss has become the common and recurring problem of youngsters. This problem not only hampers the outer personality of the person but also impact adversely on one’s career, marital status, social status, and confidence.

To restore the confidence and self-esteem driven from the full head of hair, youngsters chose the most reliable solution that is hair transplant in Punjab. Although the hair transplantation surgery is the revolutionary procedure to have natural looking and long-lasting hair still your little efforts and contribution can revise the results and you can have faster-growing hair.

Following some steps in the recovery period can give you better results

Step 1 cleaning and managing transplanted hair

After surgery, it is important to remain careful and preventive while washing new hair so patients are advised to have the gentle hair wash after surgery. Vigorous rubbing and harsh touch can dislodge your grafts. However regular shampoo with care can prevent the scabs and stimulate hair growth.

Step 2: healthy intake

The healthy diet can play the vital role for the hair growth so after surgery it is important to have protein enriched food for proper and healthy growth of hair. You can add fish oil, spinach, walnuts, almond and seasonal fruits for better growth.

Even hair transplant patients are advised to drink a lot of water for better blood supply to the scalp so ultimately better hair growth and healing.

Step 3: take your Medicines

After surgery, it is important to have your medicines in time as prescribed by your surgeon. You can have some painkillers to manage the pain after surgery. Moreover, Vitamin B6capsules can also be taken for better growth of hair but these should be taken as prescribed by the doctor.

Step 4: put your Fashion on Hold

Hairstyling after hair transplant can damage your transplanted hair so it is better to keep your fashion statements at bay and even avoid styling and fiddling of hair. After surgery dryers and other hair styling equipment should be avoided to prevent the grafts from damage.

Step 5: keep an eye on Scalp Problems

If you have noticed white specks on your scalp then you should hydrate your scalp and even if you have noticed any scalp issue like excessive swelling, redness, and itching after surgery then you must consult your doctor for better advice and solution.

Step 6: take preventions

After surgery, patients are advised to take some preventive measures for better results. It is advisable to protect your scalp from sun exposure so cover your head while going out. Smoking and alcohol consumption should be avoided for at least two weeks for faster healing and recovery.

Step 7: have proper information about the recovery period and after surgery hair growth and hair fall

Patient must have proper information about what he could expect during the recovery periods starting from the potential complications, hair growth, and even shock hair loss. As it is quite normal that in few weeks patient’s new hair get shed so the patient should not use any hair loss medicines for growth as it is normal and the new hair will start growing soon after their shedding.

Hence, the Positive, attentive and preventive contribution of the patient during recovery can help him to have proper hair results after surgery

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