How To Pick The Best Breast Implant For Breast Augmentation


How To Pick The Best Breast Implant For Breast Augmentation

If you want the best results from breast augmentation surgery, the procedure must be customized according to the patient’s needs. The ideal plastic surgeon should first get the idea of the risks and benefits the surgery will have for the patient. He should focus more on the patient and her personal goals. Below, we are providing the best guidelines for getting the right breast implant-

Educate yourself about the types of breast implants

There are three basic kinds of breast implant-

  1. Saline – These are filled with a saline (salt and water solution). They can be placed through incisions that will remain hidden by cutting the belly button or armpit area. Only saline implants can be placed through this method.
  2. Silicone – the Silicone breast implants are quite popular as they offer the most realistic look and feel. They are the most preferred breast implants due to this very reason. Patients prefer to go for these types of implants.
  3. Gummy Bear – Gummy bear implants are also made up of silicone, but the silicone is of a firmer type. This means that they are not like the traditional silicone implants.

Go for the right size 

Implants will make give your breasts larger, but don’t go overboard with it. The surgeon and the patient must consider the chest dimensions and the shoulder width so that the implants don’t look disproportionate according to your figure. One should opt for natural-looking results.

Get the right shape 

The breast is available in round or teardrop shapes. Round implants are round, dome-shaped structures. Teardrop-shaped implants have a sloping effect which makes them closer to the natural breast contour. The implant should be selected according to the patient’s natural breast tissue and figure.

Know the Right Implant Profile

Implant profile means the amount of outward projection of an implant. High profile implants refer to more projection and fit for patients who have narrow chests. Low profile implants have less projection and are a better option for patients with broad chests.

Follow the correct Surgical Technique

Apart from all the above options, it is crucial to follow the right surgical technique. If the patient wants hidden incisions, then saline implants will be best for them. If the patient has sagging breasts which they want to get enlarged, they should opt for a combination of breast implants with a breast lift. The placement of an implant concerning the pectoral muscle is another consideration the surgeon should have before performing the surgery.

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