How To Tackle Tummy Tuck Pain


How To Tackle Tummy Tuck Pain

Abdominoplasty is known as tummy tuck. This medical procedure is essentially completed to removing extraordinary fat and skin from lower guts in order to tighten the muscles and nerves. Numerous individuals recover within a month.  An Individual may encounter swelling and mild pain during the post-recovery process of tummy tuck surgery.

Lifestyle Management-:

You ought to do some practical things in an initial couple of months to get relief from severe agony.

  1. Maintain physical Activity-: You ought to do routine exercise in order to recovery such as get up early in the morning and go for walk around your home. This is critical to reducing the risk of the blood clots and it is additionally useful to secure you from remaining at one place in a single position.
  2. Avoid Constipation-: You ought to drink plenty of water in order to avoid constipation. Additionally, you should eat food rich in fibers and proteins. You need to include a lot of liquids in your diet.
  3. Avoid strenuous exercise-: You should avoid lifting heavy objects for at least 2 months in order to heal. It is smartly thought to get back on your routine walk and soft exercises.

Pain Management-:

  1. Over the counter medications-: You should avoid some medicines during this process like- Aspirin, Motrin or Aleve since the lead to bleeding. However, if you encounter serious pain, then consult your doctor.
  2. Pain Pump-: If you are not able to take medicine by mouth, then pain pump is good idea. It is a device by which medicine can deliver directly into the body. This device will assist you to remove the need to take heavy doses.
  3. Prescription Medications-: You ought to take medicines as prescription since narcotics can lead to constipation, at heavy doses.

Post-operative Care-:

  • Compression Garments-: The compression garments are critical to reduce swelling and support the lower abdomen. You ought to wear these clothes for 2 months after the surgical process. Make sure to inform your specialist if you experience any pain.
  • Antibiotics-: You should always take antibiotics as a prescription. An infection can lead to pain. Sometimes, you encounter with swelling, fever, and pus. In this case, you ought to consult your medical team.
  • Incision care-: You ought to be careful about surgical dressings or bandages to your incision area. You should keep your wound clean at home in order to heal quickly.



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