Is Breast implant possible after pregnancy?


Is Breast implant possible after pregnancy?

If you are in your reproductive years and intend to have a baby soon, then you might be having second thoughts about breast implantation if you haven’t opted for it. If you have already got the implants then you must be concerned about how the pregnancy will affect your baby and breastfeeding. If you have queries about breast augmentation concerning childbirth, then we are here to put your doubts to rest. Breast lift surgery is being used by many women to retain their youthful figure along with dispensing their childbearing responsibilities. Many patients choose to wait till they have borne their children while some go ahead with the implants no matter what. What is common though is the concern of women regarding the implants concerning the breastfeeding phase. In this article, we will focus on commonly asked questions regarding implants.

Concern #1: Will pregnancy alter the way my implants look? 

Well, it could or it couldn’t. After all, it is a plastic surgery procedure, and the results will vary according to lifestyle factors like weight gain, weight loss, and pregnancy. While pregnancy does not directly impact the implant, the breast appearance can change due to changes in the surrounding tissue. The change is more likely if the woman who gains weight in a significant amount or experiences a significant increase in her breast size.

Concern #2: What will be the effect of implants on breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding may affect the shape of the breast, but it has equal chances of happening even in women with no implants. Even though breastfeeding is possible after breast augmentation, there is a change in the ability to breastfeed after the augmentation or breast lift procedure.

Concern #3: What corrective options are available after childbirth?

Well, the answer to this query comes with good news. Of course, you will experience many physical changes after childbirth but you can get them rectified by opting for available options. You can choose from the many types of procedures according to your condition. You could opt for a breast lift if you feel that your breasts are drooping or sagging. Some people opt for breast revision procedure for reviving the way the breasts looked before pregnancy. So you have plenty of options to become the woman you were before you opted for motherhood. With modern science and medical procedures to help you look your best, there is no difficulty in looking and feeling young all over again.

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