Is Breast Reduction Right For You?


Is Breast Reduction Right For You?

Many women ask whether getting the breast reduction is the best option or do they really need to undergo the surgery. It is essential that you first find the exact reason why the breast size is increasing and check whether there is any other reason. In this guide we have mentioned few points which will help you make your decision.

As women, we all wish to have a perfect body or things you do not have. For instance, if you have short hair, you wish you have long hair. Interestingly, some women visit our clinic to get the breast size reduced. But, they generally ask us if it is the right option to get breast reduction surgery. In case, you are also one of them, then consider the following points:

Is your breast size large?

You need to consider first certain things like relating the size of your breast to the overall body. It might happen that breast size has increased because of weight gain. In some cases, the body weight is normal but the breast size is large. If the breast is proportionally larger in comparison to the rest of the body then you are the perfect candidate to get the breast reduction.

Are you suffering from back pain or shoulder pain?

Are you suffering from pain in the upper back and neck area? Does it increase as the day progresses? Have you tried having a massage? Most doctors recommend that at least for 3 months try conservative treatment prior to getting the surgery. If nothing helps then you may benefit from the surgery.

Are you not able to find the perfect bra?

In some cases, it can become difficult to find the perfect bra. You can’t get it even from your favorite brand. In that case, getting the surgery is the best option for you.

Make sure you are physically mature enough

If you are a teen or young adult then make sure the breast has developed properly. This is because, when you are a teen or at a young age the body changes a lot because the hormones are changing. Well, there is no age limit to get the surgery but wait until the changes in the body are stable.

Finding clothes is becoming difficult

Because the chest size is increasing the clothes that fit perfectly you are not able to find them. You need to wear a size larger because of your large breasts. This indicates that you are the perfect fit for the surgery.

Have you found the real cause of the pain?

Actually, it is true that women do not wear the correct bra size which leads to pain. Make sure you find the exact reason for the pain first and then consult the doctor. In case, you are not sure then you can visit our hospital and discuss the problem with our surgeon.

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