Is it possible to transplant body hair to scalp?


Is it possible to transplant body hair to scalp?

If you are thinking of a hair transplant, then you need to have a sufficient amount of hair in your donor area.

If your donor area seems to lack then you indeed have a problem on your hands. However, medical science has an answer to this problem. In that case, you can use your body hair for hair transplant surgery. Body hair is one of the most often selected options when hair is scarce in the usual donor area.

Who can avail Body Hair Transplant?

  • Individuals with limited follicles on the  donor area but endowed with a good amount of hair in the body parts like  beard and torso
  • People who have undergone previous hair restoration procedures which left a highly depleted donor area.
  • People who require high density coverage in a single sitting.
  • People who want effective coverage of the donor scars.
  • People who suffer from extensive scarring alopecia

Scalp hair and body hair: a comparison 

  • It is a lesser-known fact that out of 5 million follicles on the body, the scalp has only one hundred thousand strands.

There is a possibility that transplanted body hair may not grow as long as the scalp hair as the growth phase of hair is the longest in scalp hair as compared to the hair on the rest of the body.

  • The thickness of the scalp hair is more in comparison to the hair on the body.


  • Hair from beard, chest, shoulders, legs, underarms, arms or pubic area may be used for transplant. If we talk about the hair that is closest in comparison to scalp hair, then beard and chest hair are at the top.


The method used for Body hair transplant to head

FUE is the method which is usually employed for Body hair transplant to head. The method can help in transplanting 500 to 4000 grafts that can be transplanted in one to two days. The process can be divided into 2sessions: One deals with graft extraction and the other deals with the placement of grafts in the intended recipient areas.

The process starts with shaving hair from the donor area 2-7 days before the procedure, for enabling the surgeon to select the strongest hair for use. After giving anaesthesia to the patient, tiny punches of 0.7mm-1mm are made on the donor area, for extracting grafts. This step is followed by transplanting the grafts to the recipient sites. Sometimes, these grafts need further refinement through the removal of excess fat or skin before transplantation.

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