Is Stress The Cause Of Prematurely Gray Hair?


Is Stress The Cause Of Prematurely Gray Hair?

In modern times, stress is an element that cant be ignored. If you are experiencing premature greying, you can opt for many options which will decrease the speed of the process. But hair loss is a process which can be treated only with hair transplant if no other medication works. Generally, males show the tendency to bald but the problem is cropping up in the females as well. Hair loss treatment is a subject which attracts the attention of many experts in India.

Stress – The Culprit

While some people are genetically predisposed to premature greying, many might be turning grey due to stress. But the results are not in black and white. While some people don’t link stress and greying directly, some people vouch for it. Let’s take a look at what the certified experts have to say about it.

For the facts to be unraveled,we will first have to know about the actual element which provides color to hair. The element which performs the function is melanin. The hair gets its color from this pigment. Amount of melanin present in the hair determines the color of your hair. Brown, blond, black or red-all types of hair have different quantities of melanin in them hence their color. With the onset of the aging process, the melanin starts diminishing in our hair. As a result, we start losing our original hair color and end up with grey or silver strands instead. But if the stress factor is to be attributed to greying,it boils down to another fact that stress speeds up the aging process as well. While there is still a lot of speculation on the subject, stress can very well be attributed to triggering the hormones which have a detrimental effect on the lifespan of melanocytes.Melanocytes are the cells which produce melanin.

But the fact remains that stress is not the only factor that triggers greying of hair. Other factors can also play spoilsport with the color of your hair. Genetic predisposition can’t be ruled out. If the person is genetically predisposed to gray hair, the stress factor will make it appear much sooner.

So the main topic remains as speculative as ever because no clear answer is being stated by the concerned authorities. So Stress may or may not be directly responsible for the greying. Grey hair or not, it is better to stay away from stress as much as possible. Stress has been proved to be a villain when it comes to our health. It is always better to be in a serene mood and calm frame of mind. Patience and calmness will go a long way in maintaining your mental, physical and spiritual health. So stay calm and stay away from stress. Who knows you might never ever see a gray strand on your hair!

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