Know Why Laser hair Removal Method is Better Than Temporary methods like Waxing


Know Why Laser hair Removal Method is Better Than Temporary methods like Waxing

So it’s time to visit the parlor again as you can’t afford to show your hairy legs and overgrown armpit hair to the world. How nice it would be to have a permanent solution to all your hair woes. Well, you are blessed with one in the form of electrolysis. It is the modern era, it is the only method of hair removal which offers permanent results. Electrolysis is universally acclaimed for its permanent results and durable solution to the problem of excess body hair. The treatment can be availed for almost all body parts which include eyebrows, upper and lower lip and chin . One can also include jaw line, sides of the face, abdomen, bikini line and fingers. One can also get the hair removed from the breasts and underarms as well. One can also avail this treatment for back, legs, and toes.

While other methods concentrate on removing the hair immediately but on a temporary basis, electrolysis is well equipped to remove the hair on a permanent level. The other methods fail if we consider it from the point of permanent hair removal. Laser hair removal is a technique which represents one of the modern hair removal techniques.

Electrolysis versus other methods

The results of the technique are unsurpassed when it comes to permanent hair removal. It also has the advantage of catering to the largest variety of types of hair and skin. While most of the women indulge in short-term solutions like threading, tweezing and waxing but these turn out to be more expensive in the long term. They may also lead to ingrown hairs and discoloration. They may also result in a spurt of hair growth. Depilatory methods and shaving result in quick regrowth in addition to causing irritation to the skin.

Can regrowth be expected?

There can be many treatment plans according to an individual’s hair growth pattern. As we all know that hair growth consists of three phases-

  1. Growth
  2. Rest
  3. Replacement

These phases are marked by rapid growth followed by an inactive phase and a period of new growth respectively.

Different strands of hair are in different phases of the growth cycle. This factor may lead to the requirement of multiple sittings. Hirsutism is the scientific name given to the condition of excessive hair growth. Excess hair growth can be seen in the form of fine, light hair to dark, coarse hair. While the light, fine hair may not require many sittings as they are easier to remove, the coarse hair may require many settings. Your personal evaluation will be done by the concerned electrologist. Post evaluation, a plan may be worked out for you on an individual basis. The treatment will carry on further according to the plan.


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