know Why More Men are going for Breast Reduction Surgery


know Why More Men are going for Breast Reduction Surgery

Did you know one of the fastest growing surgery in the world is male breast reduction surgery? According to the research, there has been an increase of 36% in the male breast surgery since 2010.

What is Gynecomastia?

Most of the men are going to face this condition at some point in their life. The problem of enlarged breast tissue in men is very uncomfortable and they don’t feel comfortable to talk on this matter. So, those who are experiencing it need to know about the surgery properly. The condition arises due to some factors:

  • Hormonal imbalance     

Men who are suffering from an imbalance of estrogen and testosterone can develop larger breast tissues. The problem can be due to different factors such as taking some kind of medications, genetics, drug intake or some health problem.

  • Age

During adolescence when your hormones are changing the boys will face this condition and it is temporary. This problem goes away after some years but sometimes it doesn’t go away.

  • Intake of drug

Excessive consumption of alcohol, heroin or marijuana can lead to the condition of enlarged male breast tissues.

Why More Men Are Choosing This Treatment?

The condition of Gynecomastia isn’t new. But more men are choosing to get the surgery of male breast reduction. The two factors due to which men are deciding to go for this surgery. As men are learning about the problem of Gynecomastia, they are able to understand that they are not alone in this situation. They are many men who are experiencing this problem. The second reason is the craze for cosmetic surgery is increasing all over the world and it is considered very common. With new technology, you are able to solve any issue and also it doesn’t take much time. Due to the financing options, surgeries are becoming affordable. So, men who are facing this issue are deciding to go for the surgery.

The surgery is very simple and straightforward in which involves a combination of liposuction and removal of breast tissues. If you are getting the surgery from an experienced surgeon than he will place the small incisions which are not even clearly visible and therefore the scars will be healed in less time. The surgery can also be performed if a person is facing the issue of weight loss or weight gain.

After the surgery, the patient will need a few days to get back to his daily routine. This mainly depends on the patient’s case and how fast they are recovering. At least for 3 weeks, you should avoid doing chest exercises or any type of work which require lots of effort.

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