Laser Treatments To Improve Skin from Acne Scars


Laser Treatments To Improve Skin from Acne Scars

What Is Acne Scars?

When bacteria and oil starts building up in your skin pores along with the dead skin cells it leads to acne. It also causes inflammation (redness) in the skin and due to this, the pores will burst. It will change the texture of your skin by forming indentations. The acne scars are formed when your skin starts to heal. For acne treatment, you should consult a dermatologist. One of the best ways to get rid of this problem is laser skin treatment.

What Are The Forms Of Acne Scars?

Acne scars can be of different types. Some scars are permanent and some scars may fade over a period of time.

  • Macules: These are red spots which are very flat. They will fade away on there own but after some weeks.
  • Tissue scars: These scars are caused by excess production of collagen in your skin. These scars are also called as keloids.
  • Skin discoloration: After the acne scars are healed, sometimes it changes the color of the skin. It is also called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Skin discoloration remains visible for months.

How Does Laser Treatment Work For Acne Scars?

In the laser treatment, monochromatic lights are used on your skin to stimulate the dermal fibroblasts. There are various types of laser treatments available and there use will be dependent on the type of acne scars. The laser treatment that is used on acne scars are divided into two categories:

  • Ablative: It is one of the effective ways to get rid of the acne scars and the results are also very impressive. The method of evaporation or melting is used to remove the damaged tissues. Erbium YAG and Carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the most common techniques of ablative lasers. The recovery time is longer is this treatment.
  • Non-Ablative: This surgery takes less time to recover but the results less effective as compared to ablative laser. This process makes your skin tight and boosts the collagen development. Diode and NDYAG lasers are one of the most common techniques of non-ablative lasers.

What Do You Need To Keep In Mind?

  • The laser treatment is very expensive and even insurance company does not cover the cost. Maximum 10 sessions are required to treat the problem of acne scars.
  • Your dermatologist will provide you with some instructions after getting the treatment which will be helpful for you to prevent any side effects.
  • Before getting the treatment your skin should not be exposed to the sunlight. In the case of sunburn or tan, the surgery cannot be performed. Even after the treatment, the patient should avoid contact with the sunlight.
  • After the treatment, the patient will see the improvement after some months.

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