Let’s Learn More About Modern Stomach Liposuction


Let’s Learn More About Modern Stomach Liposuction

The stomach region can easily harbour fat and the accumulated fat deposits tend to become burdensome in the long run. Currently, stomach liposuction is among the many cosmetic procedures performed in India and falls in the first place with hair transplantation just after it.

People who aren’t unsatisfied with their natural tummy appearance can turn to liposuction to eliminate the excess fat. This is generally recommended when dietary approaches and physical activities fail to produce the desired results. In case thinking or considering stomach Lipo as a final solution for droopy or unevenly shaped tummy, this is what you must know;

When we Talk About Stomach Liposuction ‘Lipo’, What Do We Mean?

Stomach Lipo is a cosmetic procedure that targets the unwanted fat ‘subcutaneous fat’. In the real sense, the human body consists of fat used for several purposes. Factors like age, pregnancy, childbirth, lack of physical activity, and poor diets can result in an increment in the fatty deposits.

This generally occurs around the middle regions or on the sides of the tummy ‘love handles’. It is this unwanted fat, which is located beneath the skin and on top of the abdominal muscle wall to be targeted during the Lipo procedure.

How is Stomach Liposuction Performed?

How is Stomach Liposuction Performed?

There are a number of Lipo techniques used to eliminate fat from the body and these include dry Lipo and tumescent liposuction. Tumescent liposuction is an improved type of Lipo commonly used to remove fat from the ankles, buttocks, thighs and the stomach region.

It is generally applicable in cases where large amounts of fat must be removed and it is considered safe. With this technique, a saline solution is injected into the fatty deposits beneath the skin. An incision is then made in the intended region, after which an instrument known as a cannula is introduced into the body.

The cannula is attached to a vacuum and moved back and forth in a rapid motion to liquidify the fat. The fat is suctioned from the body, the area bandaged, and a patient is made to wear a compression garment after the surgery.

After Stomach Liposuction

A patient will experience bruising, pain, and swelling after the procedure. Pain relievers and antibiotics will help eliminate pain and infection respectively. Post-op instructions will generally help you deal with the recovery period. You are also required to remain patient as the full results of your surgery will take at least 3 months to manifest themselves.

What You Shouldn’t Expect From Stomach Lipo

Some patients tend to believe that liposuction is generally a weight loss technique which is totally wrong. However, you may lose a good amount of weight, but it won’t be that much.

Stomach liposuction is also different from abdominoplasty. Stomach Lipo is only concerned with removing the undesired fat, whereas in case you want more than that, abdominoplasty is the answer. The abdominoplasty procedure will ‘tummy tuck’ will both remove the unwanted fat, skin and as well tighten the abdominal wall.

Who Can or Can’t Perform Stomach Lipo?

Some fellows believe that liposuction requires no specialized training, but you may want to reconsider this. Stomach Lipo is a form of surgery and can result in a number of complications in case recklessly performed. Consider a licenced as well as an experienced plastic surgeon or dermatologist for your procedure.

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