Liposuction When It Comes To Type 2 Diabetic Patients


Liposuction When It Comes To Type 2 Diabetic Patients

Diabetes is one of the commonest medical conditions worldwide. According to studies, millions worldwide will develop diabetes over the course of their lifetime. With the fact that liposuction is increasingly being conducted in cosmetic surgery clinics, this has brought us to a question- how safe the procedure is for diabetic patients.

Your Body & a Medical Condition Known as “Type 2 Diabetes”

Diabetes is categorized into different forms and ‘Type 2 Diabetes’ happens to be one of the common forms of diabetes. This particular condition is triggered when the cells in the body become less sensitive to insulin. Precisely, this is termed as insulin resistance. The purpose of insulin is to regulate your blood sugar levels and in failure, an occurrence of high and low blood sugar levels is triggered.

In case left treated, an individual will eventually develop Type 2 Diabetes and untimely treatment or poorly controlled approaches can cause a number of complications.

Diabetes & Weight Gain & Fatty Tissue

There is a general contradiction regarding whether or not diabetes causes weight gain. But, to take a close look at a majority of diabetic patients, studies reveal that they normally gain weight. This surely explains the reason as to why more people are resorting to liposuction as a way of eliminating the excess fat.

In addition, any diabetic patient with unwanted fat would want to undergo liposuction in case the conservative methods fail to eliminate it. But, is Liposuction okay for Diabetic Patients or Not?

When It Could Lead to Complications or Death?

Untreated diabetes is generally associated with a number of medical conditions that can result in death. Similarly, undergoing liposuction as a diabetic patient can increase your surgical risks such as infection and a prolonged recovery period.

Since a patient is also required to rest during recovery, this also increases the blood sugar levels. In mere terms, it is completely difficult to manage or control diabetes after liposuction.

When Liposuction is Okay?

To undergo liposuction as a diabetic patient, these must be followed;

  1. A less invasive liposuction technique

  • Smartlipo

Some of the least invasive liposuction techniques include Smartlipo where a laser is used to break down the fat before it is suctioned out of the body

  • Fat Freezing

Although it deals with minimal amounts of fat, undergoing fat freezing is one of the best alternatives for liposuction.

  1. A patient must have never experienced kidney problems.

  2. A patient must have properly-controlled diabetes.

  3. He or she shouldn’t be dependent on strong medications to manage the disease.

  4. Extra blood work must be conducted prior to the surgery.

  5. A patient must have been physically active for a long period of time.

  6. The procedure must be conducted after discernment.

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