Male Rhinoplasty : All You Need to Know


Male Rhinoplasty : All You Need to Know

Cosmetic surgeries are becoming a very popular option and one of them which is gaining the attention of the men is rhinoplasty procedure. The procedure helps in enhancing the features. But, it is true that for men and women the procedure works differently. Read the given topic to learn more about the procedure.

Women do opt for plastic surgery options to improve their appearance, in the same way, men are also choosing the procedure to enhance their features. It has been seen that a male nose job is becoming very popular in different parts of the world. No doubt, this concept of nose job surgery has evolved a lot in the past couple of years.

Is male nose job surgery is different from women?

The procedure of rhinoplasty is the same in both men and women which can help in reshaping and improving the nasal profile. The procedure helps in improving facial aesthetics. The rhinoplasty surgery helps in correcting the nose defects and it can also contribute to certain problems like a deviated septum, breathing issue, and sleep apnea.

Undergoing nose surgery will help you get rid of the problems and also enhance facial symmetry. It will help in minimizing the flaws and appearance on the nose bridge and nasal tip will be managed.

Is the procedure complicated?

People think that surgery is complicated. However, the procedure is minor and straightforward. Just make sure that you choose the experienced and skilled surgeon for the procedure.

You need to choose the best surgeon who is aware of the entire process and they will help you get realistic expectations.

How man’s nose is different as compared to women?

Although the technique for both of them is the same and the main goal of reconstructing the nose. But, yes the results following the surgery are different. This is because women are more towards getting a smaller nose whereas men’s nose surgery is towards different directions. They feature a prominent, nasal tip with a 90-degree angle and straight bridge. Also, men’s nose is projected higher and wider.

Advantages of Getting the Male Nose Surgery


  • Nasal Symmetry is Improved


The nose job successfully balances the symmetry and enhance the facial features without even giving it an artificial look.


  • Solve both nose structural & functional defects


The surgery is going to address nose reconstruction and along with that, it will solve the issue of sleeping disorder & breathing issues.


  • Improved Self-confidence


The nose job will help in improving the facial features which eventually boost the self-esteem of the person as they start feeling better about their looks.

The male nose job is becoming an excellent choice to enhance men’s look and masculinity. Wondering, to know more then do visit our surgeon for a customized treatment plan.

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