Mommy Makeover Recovery Period


Mommy Makeover Recovery Period

Becoming a mother can take its toll on your body and health. Indulging in a makeover can be quite a luxury after you decide to have a makeover to get back into shape. Aiming for a makeover can do wonders for your body. Mommy Makeover is a customized makeover package specially designed for new moms to get back into their former shape and figure. It uses liposuction surgery to the advantage of such mothers. Liposuction surgery in India is becoming quite popular. Here are some facts related to what you can do for becoming your former self using the technology.

How long will the mommy makeover take?

The mommy makeover is a highly individualized process; therefore the recovery time will depend on the procedures included by the patient. It will require a minimum of two weeks’ vacation from work so that you can rest and recover fully. It will be really helpful if you hire someone or take the help of an adult during this time, as lifting any heavy things and children will be prohibited during this period.

The initial phase of recovery will be characterized by swelling, tenderness and bruising as your body heals.

You’ll be able to increase the level of physical activity over the next weeks. The plastic surgeon will guide you for the same. After crossing the three-month duration, you might be able to resume your normal activities. It will take six months to a year to see the final makeover results.

Tips for a smooth mommy makeover

Your body will heal better and faster if you follow the given tips –

Refrain from smoking

Apart from the ill effects on your general health, smoking can obstruct your body’s healing process. Therefore the plastic surgeons recommend abstinence from smoking.

Opt for healthy food 

This is not the right time to diet or lose weight. Although you will not be very happy with your post-surgery swelling, eating right can help you recover from the condition better and faster. Be sure that you intake a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and plenty of water.

Listen to the message by your body

You might think that it is the right time to hit the gym. However, you must avoid straining your body. It could be too much too soon. If working out makes you experience discomfort or pain, and then your body is telling you to take it easy. Listen to the message it is trying to convey.

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