Options to Achieve Hourglass Figure


Options to Achieve Hourglass Figure

A perfect hourglass figure is a dream which many women have. We worship celebs and want to look like them. Unfortunately, it is tough to achieve these results even after vigorous exercise and diet. This is where liposuction comes in. Liposuction  procedure is used in cases where diet and exercise fail to reduce fat. It also helps in shaping and toning the body. Liposuction surgery is readily available at many centers across India. There are many plastic surgeons who offer this facility. It is a form of plastic surgery which results in a well-toned and shapely looking body. It is highly effective in decreasing fat deposition in areas where fat has become stubborn.

Liposuction: your cakewalk to the body of your dreams

Liposuction is great for getting the hourglass figure as it removes the fat from a specific area. However, you will have to work towards maintaining it. While the procedure is swift and does not require any effort, you will have to commit yourself to long term maintenance of the results. The procedure is used by many women to kick start their weight loss program. The results indeed are a good motivation to maintain the figure.

Liposuction Procedure 

In the primary session with the surgeon, you will have to discuss the areas where you want the fat reduction to be done. The surgeon will ask about your medical history, daily routine and any medications which you might be taking. You are expected to answer the questions honestly as the surgeon will proceed with the procedure accordingly. Patients who are not in good health might be unfit for liposuction surgery. If you are an ideal candidate, a date for the surgery can be set soon.

The procedure is quite simple; it involves the marking of the areas which need fat reduction. It is followed by making incisions in the targeted areas, under which the cannula is inserted. The long tubular structure sucks out the fat from the various organs of the body. The incisions are then stitched back. The patients are told to take rest and avoid strenuous activity for some time.

Maintenance of the liposuction results 

Maintaining the liposuction results requires incorporating a healthy diet and exercise regimen into your daily routine. Burn calories through exercise for at least 30 minutes a day and eat a well-balanced and nutritious diet containing fruits and green veggies. If you need help, our professionals will help you in charting out a diet and exercise routine so that you can maintain results from the liposuction procedure.

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