Ouch! Hair Transplant Hurting, You! Come And Find Out Why


Ouch! Hair Transplant Hurting, You! Come And Find Out Why

Out of the many questions doctors are being asked by their patrons is that, whether a hair transplant is painful or not. It surely is not a very easy question to answer, as every person will have different levels of tolerating the pain and also healing it. Someone might have high levels of pain and for someone, it might not pain that much. Also, the different types of procedures and treatments have different levels of pain/healing process. It’s important to have a look at the procedures involved. There are mainly two types of procedures: FUT and FUE.

By FUT is meant Follicular Unit Transplants- in this process, the healthy follicles are taken out in small layers from the donor area. After which they are split into separate hair grafts, which are injected in the moving area. The minor wound can be there with this type of technique, and the recovery time will also exceed the normal time.

In Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) process, the doctor takes out single hair follicles which are again injected back into the affected area. The healing takes a shorter time (around 3- 7 days because no cuts or wounds are there.

The parameters of pain
It is so true that a hair transplant is a surgical process, hence giving a local anesthetic to the patient is but natural, and this is given to reduce the pain. Hence, it is natural that some pain is involved in the process, but, a local anesthetic is required to reduce the pain, during the surgery. Some patients do say that the surgery was painful and also that they feel uneasy. Many others say that rather than feeling pain, they felt uneasy. This happens because they are awake during the surgery. Hence, the patient very well knows what is going on, but due to the anesthesia, there is no pain felt.

Pain post surgery
The surgery though is free of pain (most of the time), the scalp area which is treated is most likely to feel some pain post-surgery. This happens because the scalp tissues have redness and in some cases, some swelling is also there. The donor area, from which hair grafts have been taken out seems to be more sensitive and will take a little longer time to get better. Patients, therefore are advised mild painkillers to help with the pain and discomfort, hence within a few days time, the symptoms should go away.

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