Post Liposuction Surgery FAQ


Post Liposuction Surgery FAQ

  • Will there be pain after the liposuction surgery in India?

The pain tolerance depends on patient to patient. Some can’t even tolerate pain very less. The pain is not severe that you cannot concentrate on anything like reading, watching, or walking. It is better if you do not spend your entire day just lying down on the couch or bed. The doctor even advises that you should involve yourself in activities which do not require too much pressure and in that case, the pain is very less which you might have expected.

  • How long should I wait to see the results?

After the surgery, there will be swelling in the treated area for some weeks. But, in some cases, it might even last for months. Due to that, the results cannot be seen until that. It takes at least four weeks for swelling to go away properly. Additionally, you should follow the doctor advise and prescription so that the recovery process is smooth and on time. After the surgery, you will be wearing the compression garment for six weeks which helps in minimizing the swelling as well as control the pain.

  • What exactly will happen to my skin after liposuction surgery?

In most cases, the major concern for most of the patients is scarring and its impact on the skin. As everyone’s skin is different and its reaction on the body will also be different. The doctor will let you know everything according to your case. If you are thinking of getting the treatment then you should get liposuction in India.

  • How much fat is removed?

The fat which is removed is very limited and with this, you do not have to stay in the hospital overnight. The amount of fat which is removed is around five liters which are closed to around 10 pounds. But is some cases, the required amount of fat is removed because there is not that much fat is the specific area, the results which you want are achieved, or the area which is being treated is bleeding. The exact amount is difficult to predict sometimes. The liposuction cost in India is affordable as compared to other places.

  • Is there any possibility that fat will grow back?

The fat does not grow back once it is removed from the specific area. But the fat cells which are remaining can get bigger because of weight gain. During the surgery, only a few cells are treated so other areas might appear in big size as compared to the treated area.

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