Some Plastic Surgery Myths and Mistakes


Some Plastic Surgery Myths and Mistakes

People are often misled into misconceptions that plastic surgery is affordable only to the rich and famous.  However, it is important to get acquainted with the fact that this statement is far from reality. As far as plastic surgery is concerned, there are several myths associated with it. As a company that deals with plastic surgery and related procedures, we want to clarify some myths that you might associate with the process.

Myth: Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are completely same

Both processes are different as they require different kinds of medical finesse. Cosmetic surgery may be performed by any medical doctor who may or may not have a specialisation in Plastic surgery. However, Plastic surgery requires standard certification by the relevant authorities. The standards often vary from country to country. ISAPS is an international standard that certifies the aesthetic plastic surgeons that have the highest skill and qualifications and have shown dedication and excellence in their profession and ethics.

Myth: You can trust your nearest plastic surgeon 

Choosing the right surgeon is crucial. A board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience is the most desirable. You can very well go through the ISAPS directory and search the best Plastic surgeon across the continents. You can even schedule an online consultation if you want.

Myth: Breast implants are dangerous. 

People tend to link breast implants to breast cancer and many other conditions. People are also skeptical about the effect of the surgery on breastfeeding. However, it has now been established that mothers with implants have no problem with breastfeeding.

Myth:  Liposuction is used for weight loss. 

We know that this comes as a surprise but it is true that the surgeon advises the patient to lose weight before he undergoes liposuction. This not only improves the chances of a successful surgery but also improves the muscle tone of the patient. Liposuction, if carried out in people with a high amount of cellulite may make the body appear queer as the fibrous cellulite tissue will look more pronounced.

Myth: Only vanity leads to the requirement for plastic surgery.

One should understand the difference between vanity and a high comfort level of a person with his body. Plastic surgeons do a lot more than just giving the right shape to your body; they help people become comfortable with their bodies and enjoy higher satisfaction on a physical, mental and social level.

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