Hair Transplant in Patiala – Low Cost FUE Hair Transplant Surgery in Patiala


Hair Transplant in Patiala – Low Cost FUE Hair Transplant Surgery in Patiala

Some Useful Tips To Boost Up Hair Growth After Hair Transplant Surgery

These days people are very much concern about their aesthetics so their concern makes them choose hair transplant treatment after having bald patches on their scalp. The trend of Hair Transplant in Patiala is increasing these days as most of the youngsters of Punjab are getting bald due to unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits.

Although the hair transplant can give natural, permanent and undetectable results to the patients few efforts can accelerate the hair growth and can add to the results of surgery.

  1. Your gentle care after surgery can abstain you from damage. You can tenderly treat your scalp with the medicines provided by your surgeon. Patients are generally advised to use the mild shampoo to cleanse their scalp and newly transplanted grafts so that any breakage of the grafts can be prevented.
  2. It is quite normal that after surgery patients may feel tingling, itching or stabbing sensations in the scalp but patients are advised not to scratch the grafts as the roots of new hairs can get damaged. Rubbing of hair should also be avoided.
  3. After surgery, the patient can resume their all normal activities but heavy physical exercises or physical activities should be avoided for at least10 days post surgery as these can cause infection and damage to grafts.
  4. To keep your new hair hydrated you can massage your scalp gently with few drops of essential oils like rosemary, sage, and peppermint but as prescribed by the surgeon.
  5. Patients’ are advised to drink plenty of water after the surgery so that toxins can be removed through urination and blood circulation can be regulated for the faster healing and growth of grafts.
  6. Patients are asked to have healthy and balanced diet post surgery so the patient can add the foods in their meals that are enriched with iron and protein so that hairs could get their required nutrients and can grow and stay healthy for a lifetime
  7. Patients are advised to avoid alcohol consumption and smoking for at least two weeks before and after surgery as these both can hamper the healing process of scalp
  8. PRP therapy can also be combined with hair transplantation to improve the results of surgery as PRP therapy can stimulate the hair growth and can boost the healing process of scalp

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