The Best Post-Operation Care After A Male Breast Surgery (Gynecomastia)


The Best Post-Operation Care After A Male Breast Surgery (Gynecomastia)

Male breast enlargement, also scientifically referred to as gynecomastia is currently a general issue affecting both youths and adults. Males with gynecomastia or enlarged breasts have more fat, increased glandular tissue, and skin in the chest region.

Skin and fat accumulation in the chest is not termed as gynecomastia and this condition can be eliminated by mere liposuction, but cases of gynecomastia where the glandular tissue is excess, only a Gynecomastia surgery in India can cure the abnormality.

There are various causes of male breast enlargement beginning from genetic factors, obesity, and steroid drugs. To eliminate gynecomastia, a surgery is performed under general anesthesia and during it, the surgeon makes a tiny incision below the areola where a specialized tool is used to remove the glandular tissue.

In other cases, the removal of the glandular tissue is proceeded by fat reduction through liposuction and the elimination of excess skin in case required.

What is the recovery period for breast reduction surgery?

  • The recovery period normally lasts between 4 to 7 months. One’s general health before undergoing the surgery highly determines the pace of his recovery

  • The extent of the surgery, which means the amount of the glandular tissue removed and the fat also matter during the recovery period.

  • A patient is required to wear a compression garment in the first 50 hours after the surgery in order to reduce the risks of bleeding and bruising.

  • You will experience pain, uneasiness, tightness in the treated region.

  • It is best that a male avoids any physical exercises during the first month of the recovery period

  • One must return to the surgeon to remove the stitches after a week.

  • Painkillers and other prescribed medications to prevent an infection must be taken as advised

What is the right care?

One’s surgeon or the cosmetic clinic influence the results after the gynecomastia surgery. The best cosmetic surgery in India provides professional and recommended after surgery care and treatment depending on the patient’s extent of surgery. These are vital after the surgery;

  • Rest

It isn’t advised that you return to any kind of duty after the surgery. Resting and getting help as much as possible is necessary after the surgery

  • Physical activities

You have to wait a little longer before hitting the gym again. Strenuous activities that may require pressure from the chest must be foregone as long as you are under recovery. Only embark on any kind of physical activity once your surgeon recommends so.

  • Diet

Clear fluids are highly recommended after the surgery before embarking on solid foods. Maintain a balanced diet accompanied with plenty of water and juice to avoid dehydration.

  • The compression garment

A compression garment will not only help you in reducing the effects of bruising and swelling but will also help you produce the intended aesthetic results. It will help shape your chest and one must wear it for 1 to 2 weeks

Are results permanent?

A male breast surgery is seen as the last option for gynecomastia in cases where physical exercises and diet fail to produce the intended results.

Proper meals or diet plus physical exercises will help you maintain the results after the surgery in the long run.

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