Things that are Normal after Tummy Tuck


Things that are Normal after Tummy Tuck

If you are considering tummy tuck then it is important to keep in mind about the recovery. The recovery depends on different factors like health, body weight, and age. Also, the type of tummy tuck you have will make a difference. In this topic, we have mentioned what is normal after a tummy tuck.

When a patient visit with the cosmetic surgeon to consult about the tummy tuck procedure they often have different things going on there in mind. No doubt, they are very much interested and excited about the results of tummy tuck surgery. The nervousness not only involves what happens during the procedure but it also includes what happens after the surgery. Well, there are different things which are completely normal after the surgery which are mentioned below:


  • Have a support system


No doubt, a positive outlook will make a huge difference but it is obvious to feel the emotions are not in control. This is why it is important that you get support from family and friends so that negative thoughts do not cross your mind. You must accept help as sometimes even that does not come easily.


  • Puffiness and swelling is normal


While seeing the results it is also important to be patient. It might be easy saying than actually doing it. Undergoing the procedure, you want to have a flat tummy. But it is not that easy to determine how much swelling will be there as every patient is different.

  • Important Note”

– During the recovery period, the patient should avoid salty food.

– On the treated side the patient should wear the compression garment so that the recovery process gets fast.


  • Start Using walker


The use of a walker is very important in the recovery process which is not just for a couple of days. Once you go back home you need to flex the waist properly. But this is just for a temporary time. When you flex forward the tension is decreased on the muscle separation which is repaired. In 10 to 14 days you will be able to stand in an upright position properly. With the walker, the stability will be there and you do not need anyone to walk. Also, your lower back will be easy.


  • Unwanted advice on your choice


Even if you have great support around you there are high chances that you will meet people who will question you on your decision. Some might make comments that you looked great before you underwent the surgery. Others might be jealous, or highly opinionative. This might happen before or after the procedure.

So, now you know what is normal. When you visit the surgeon for a consultation ask questions so that you can prepare yourself emotionally, physically, and mentally. Book your consultation to know more.

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