Things To Expect During Thigh Lift Recovery Period


Things To Expect During Thigh Lift Recovery Period

If you are dealing with sagging skin on the upper leg area, chances are that you might want to change the way your body looks. The thigh lift treatment is a professional way to get a well-toned, supple shape which will contribute to the way your body looks. People often opt for thigh lifts for achieving this objective. Sure, you can join the bandwagon, but you will have to be really careful about the recovery process. You must plan the post-treatment period before you initiate your treatment plans.

The ins and outs of a thigh lift

Not only does it improve the way you look, but it also helps in the restoration of damaged muscles and removal of excess skin on the upper legs. In case you lost a lot of weight, your new shape might not be going too well with your skin, resulting in drooping skin. In other cases, the problem might be due to the effects of aging. A thigh lift will ensure that your legs look great and free you from the sagging skin problems.

The procedure

The procedure depends on the individual case. Depending on your current condition and the look you aspire for, the type of thigh lift will differ. An inner thigh lift will require a small incision starting from your buttocks to your groin area. An outer thigh lift will require the incision from the top of your leg around the hip and the rear area. For patients who expect less dramatic results, there are other alternatives.

During the recovery

The final result will start showing by three months after the surgery. If you take proper precautions, you will be able to have an active lifestyle during your recovery period. Although the recovery period varies from individual to individual,  it is recommended that you take at least two to three weeks holiday from your busy work schedule. It will take around 6-8 weeks to recover fully and return to your normal routine, including your exercise regimen. It also depends on the type of procedure you opted for. A person with a full thigh lift surgery is likely to take more recovery time than a person with a lighter procedure.

The dos and donts of your recovery period

  • First of all, you will have to take rest.
  • Wearing your compression garment is a must as it promotes healing and grants the skin a firm, well-contoured look.
  • You are also required to quit smoking for a while as it will help in the healing process.
  • You will be required to take medications to speed up the healing and avoiding infections
  • You should be careful about the scars and apply sunscreen on them every time you go out.
  • Use topical creams and gels to minimize the scars.

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